Thursday, May 2, 2013

Play Doh Play Time!

 Last week, I was feeling very under the weather, which led to my lack of blogging (and also why I have mountains of laundry that I'm catching up on!).  But when I was feeling better, we spent as much time as we could out on our favorite spot - our deck!

 Lunch is outside almost every day, if that sun is shining.  As well as bubbles, stickers, coloring, and Play Doh!  Pretty much all activities are better in the sunshine. :)

 Here Mommy, I don't need this bow.

 We taught Reagan how to do Play Doh.  She kept trying to eat it, obviously.  But then she just grabbed it in her fist and held on for dear life.  She cried if we removed it from her grip, so Mommy had a lot of hot pink tiny-fingernail digging to do later!
 I'd like to draw your attention to a few things:
1. Her hat.
2. Her belly.
3. Her rosy cheeks.
4. The fact that she is sitting on a picnic bench and her feet can't reach.

These things make me want to eat her.

Cousin Landon came over to join us to play!  I love baby springtime fun.  Sunshine is officially this Mama's best friend!

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