Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Few of my Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things, the little things, in my day to day life with the chickies.  These are the things that make me smile the most and give you that feelings inside that makes you feel like your heart is glowing.  You know that kind of happy?  The really content kind that always makes you smile. 

When Daddy comes home and the girls start SCREECHING and running around the house in complete uncontrollable joy.  I mean, it's the best thing ever to witness. 

 After Reagan goes to bed, or while she's napping, Reilly and I have our special reading time in my bed.  Always under the covers.  Always with tons of books.  Always ends with yawning and Mama way more tired than Reilly.  (True story: Today's ended with Mama needing a catnap and Reilly re-reading the rest of the books out loud to me for 15 minutes. Sweet girl.)

When Reilly does adorable motherly-big-sister things for Reagan.  Here, she went in the cabinet, got 2 bowls, went in the fridge, got 2 bunches of grapes, went over to the table, and took each grape off the stems.  She separated them into both bowls.  She said, "Mama, I'm just getting a little snack for me and Rea Rea."  Then they sat together giggling and snacking.  She was SO proud to have taken such good care of her sister, and making her smile so much.

When Reilly becomes so overwhelmed with love and affection for Reagan that she just squeezes her and hugs her. And Reagan always looks kind of uneasy with the whole deal, but bless her heart, she let's it happen.  Love that baby.  LOVE her cheeks.
Reagan and her little thumb sucking.  The angel instantly puts that thumb in her mouth when it's time for her nap, and goes right to sleep.  She is such a little snuggler, and will nestle on my chest until I put her to bed.  No greater feeling than that. (And Reilly loves it too. She will ask me all the time to get Reagan's blankie so Reagan can lay on her chest. So cute.)

Those are just a few of my favs lately!  Off to enjoy the sunshine today.

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