Saturday, June 22, 2013

Disney World!!

 We just got back from 5 days in Disney World!!  Hubby's parents took us, and we had the most amazing time. We made some wonderful memories, got very little rest, and pretty much made all of Reilly's dreams come true. ;)

We stayed at the Polynesian resort, which we absolutely loved.  It was right on the monorail, so we could jump right on (with the stroller - very key!), and head right over the parks.  We spent most of out time in the Magic Kingdom, since we are all about everything Princess, so this made it very easy.  Besides that, the hotel was gorgeous.  The tropical gardens and waterfalls were beautiful to wake up to every morning.  Reilly caught on very quickly that all of the staff members say "Aloha!" whenever you pass them, so she said, "Aloha!" to every single housekeeper, groundskeeper, waiter, cashier, or concierge that crossed her path. 

I have so many memories to share!  Here is a taste of Day 1..

We woke the girls at 4:30 (Reilly actually woke herself and climbed in bed with me...she was so excited!), to get to our flight at 8:00.  We flew out of Philly, and stayed with Hubby's cousins the night before (a whole other post on what a fun Father's Day we had at their house!).  Our flight was smooth, the girls were great.  Reagan slept for a little, Reilly was OVERJOYED.  She was obsessed with the idea of flying, not at all scared.  She was jumping and shouting "WOO HOO!" when we took off from the ground.  I cried when I saw how excited she was, she couldn't believe what was happening.

 The girls while were are checking in!  Aloha!

 Our rooms weren't ready yet, so we gave our bags to the valet, grabbed some waters and snacks from our groceries that I had delivered, and heading right over to the Magic Kingdom!  I mean, why not?  We jumped right in!

 My girls and I with Cinderella's castle!

We stumbled upon a parade almost as soon as we entered the park!  It was so fun, Reilly was all excited right away.

 So excited!! Then we had to take Reagan to get changed, so we headed to the baby changing area.  I remember being so overwhelmed right away by the heat.  I LOVE being hot, and despise the cold, but let me tell you...this. was. HOT.  All week was the same way, and man did I feel bad for the kiddos.  The were little troopers though.  We drank water like camels, and I started putting Reilly's hair up wet everyday which helped keep her cool. We took Reagan's bottoms off as soon as we got there, so she was just wearing her little tank/dress.  I had Hubby go get some ice creams while I took the girls to the bathroom, and I remember while walking to the changing area, we passed a fountain and I doused the girls heads with water!  I'm telling was stifling.  Poor Rea Rea had beads of sweat on her nose instantly.  Thank goodness for our spray fan! (Which, by the way, we were spraying on ourselves at MIDNIGHT watching fireworks. I can't even express the kind of hot this was!)

After our Mickey ice creams melted all over us while we made an attempt at eating them, we went on "It's a Small World".  The girls loved it!  Reagan was pointing to everything saying "Look!", loving all the colors and dancing dolls.

After Small World, we went to see Mickey's Philharmagic.  I have loved this one since I first saw it, and I knew Reilly would be obsessed.  She's never been to a movie theater, and didn't even know what 3D meant. Not to mention, some of her favorite movies were in this show!  Well, let me tell you.  She could have been in a Disney advertisement for this ride.  She was hysterical laughing, completely in awe, and DIVING out of her seat to grab the 3D objects moving toward her!  She almost grabbed the woman in front of her like 6 times.  When something went flying toward her, she would turn around to see where it went. Perfect age for that kind of magic.

Then, we went on Pirates of the Carribean!  We saw Peter Pan the night before we came, so she loved the whole pirate idea.  She was very unsure about "the cloud with the Pirate in it", which she closed her eyes for, but the rest of it she loved!  She sang along and giggled at the pirate's stinky feet.  Reagan, again, was pointing and wide-eyed throughout the ride.  It was so cute.

 After we left Pirates...we saw this in the stroller.  I think this was 30 seconds after we buckled them in.  Maybe 45. Haha.
 Successful first afternoon at the park!  Let's get napped!

We went back to the hotel and sat outside on the balcony while the girls napped.  We had a 5:40 dinner reservation, so it wasn't long before we were back on that monorail heading to our fav place again!

 We ate at the Liberty Tree Tavern in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom.  This was a somewhat random reservation I had made - read the menu online and it looked good, plus I love the Colonial times. :)  Later, I found raving reviews about it so I was excited to try it!

 Here is Reilly coloring with a bunch of kiddies while we waited for our table.  The number one phrase she repeated on the whole vacation was "Can I please go say Hi to that little girl/boy?"  Waiting on line was no issue for her, she just found the closest child and started becoming their best friend.  I swear, this girl.  She LOVES other kids, and LOVES making friends!  She's pretty darn good at it too.  Kids love her right back!

This meal was SO GOOD.  It was family style, one menu so we didn't order.  They just start bringing delicious home-cooked kind of dishes to your table right away.  Holy yummy.  We all loved it.

 My girls and I!  Okay...on this trip...Reagan perfected smiling for a camera.  You will see this AMAZING face over and over again.  All I have to do is say to her, "Gimme a smile, Rea!"  and she will look RIGHT at the closest camera and make this hilarious toothy nose-crinkling face.  I can't handle it.
 Reilly and her Disney cup!
We got free refills on those cups for the whole trip - so this was us going back after dinner to get Reilly some hot chocolate. :)  This girl got so many treats this trip, but it was because she was so darn good.  Both the girls were so awesome,  it was such a blessing.  With limited naps, and the crazy heat (did I mention the heat yet?), we were prepared for meltdowns...but were thrilled to have very happy girlies for 99% of the trip!

That night, we all got in our beds.  Reilly slept like a queen in her own bed, and Reagan right next to her in the pack and play. (Reagan won't have it any other way than with her sister RIGHT next to her.)  Reilly sang us all to sleep, singing her Ariel songs until she passed out.  The magic filled the room already. :)

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