Friday, June 14, 2013

Farmer Girls!

 Recently, a farm by us had an open house, allowing families to come and interact with the animals.  It is normally a therapy farm, used specially by children with disabilities and Special Education classes for field trips.  Such a wonderful farm!

Clearly, we had to dress the part.  I mean, you didn't think we'd go to a farm and not dress like a farmer, do you? ;)

 It was actually pretty funny, because there were SO many other families and kids there, and I tell you, not one other child was dressed like a farmer.  I had to laugh.  It seemed so natural to me. Oh, we're going to a farm.  Grab your hats!  Time to wear those cowboy boots!  Pull out your gingham romper!  But apparently, nobody else thinks this way, and we ended up looking like our girls were auditioning for a play, in which they would play the part of farmer-babies. :)

But there was a newspaper there, who tracked us down and said, "I had to get a picture of the girls in the hats!" :)
 Reilly attempting to milk a goat!

 You go, girl! 
 Petting the donkey!  (Which initially made her nervous, lumbering around as it did.)

 I just love that smile.  She was so proud of herself. She is not super comfortable around animals - and I don't blame her.  It's hard to reassure her when in actuality - animals are wild.  They are unpredictable, I can't tell her they are so sweet and they won't bite or kick.  They most likely won't, but I think her nervousness is smart.  Should she feel perfectly safe around animals she has never been around before? No.  She is absolutely right to be cautious at first.  But then when we told her it was safe and she pet the little guys so bravely, her pride and joy was so contagious.

 Here comes  a "Reagan donkey"! (a baby one)

She LOVED him.
 This is her saying, "You're so cuuuuute!"

So serious petting the big goat!

 Petting an extremely obsese piggy. :)

 Here's Daddy encouraging Reagan to participate.  I wish I could get a picture of her face, and what her hand is doing on the other side of Daddy's shirt.  When she is nervous she GRIPS your shirt (or hair), like saying, "Don't you even THINK about putting me down right now!"  It's so funny.
 Chasing a chicken!

 Reagan hiding from the teeniest goat known to man. ;)
 Getting a little braver...
 YAY!  She did it, and liked it!
 Sweet little giggle. :)
My girl and I!  I refrained from wearing my cowboy gear, and so did hubby.  It was difficult.  But we would have been That Family, so it was a good decision I think.

 Here is Daddy teaching Reilly how to feed the donkey!  She was obsessed, it was so cute.

 Look at that giggly little girl!  Love her.

 Trying it herself!

 Daddy and Reilly were distracting the big ones so they could give their grass to the baby one.  So sweet.
Hiking the path with Daddy, looking for the perfect grasses for the goats.

It was such a nice day at the farm!  I'm so glad to live in a place where these experiences are ones our kids will grow up with.  And so glad to be able to dress them up for the occasion against their will. ;)

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