Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Disney, Day 2!

This was our first full day at Disney, and man was it jam-packed!  We squeezed a lot of fun into our days on this trip, while making sure the chickies still had their beauty rest. ;)

We got up early for our 7:40 reservation at Chef Mickey's!  Reagan was ready to roll, in her Minnie gear.

 Reagan, Reilly and I may have had all matching Minnie shirts on.  We just had to.  I remembered Chef Mickey's from the first time I went to Disney, so we were all really excited.

 I was not sure how Reagan (or Reilly for that matter) would react to the characters.  In the past, Reilly has loved them from afar, but not wanted to get really close to them.  But this trip, she really turned a corner!  She LOVED everyone we met!  I think it was all the excitement, and also the amount of personality the characters showed.  They were very enthusiastic and sweet, it was like they were talking. 

 Here is Reagan baby blowing kisses to Goofy!  He was so sweet.

 Reilly Belle doing the same!
 Reilly kept addressing the fact that they weren't talking - she would say, "Mommy, they can talk, we just can't understand what they are saying.  But when the princesses talk, we can understand them, so that's why we can hear them."  She is so funny, she had to make sense out of the fact that they were walking around silently!

 Precious Reagan meeting Mickey!

 With Grandma and Grandpa!
 Sweet girl, she was so excited.
 Family with Mickey!  (At this point, none of us had eaten yet!  I didn't want to miss any characters, and they started coming full speed the second we walked in.  It was a delicious buffet, once we finally ran and got some!)

 I just love her face in this one.
Reagan loved Minnie too!  All the girls with the lady.

 Pluto, neither of them were too thrilled with.  Here is Reagan making sure he wasn't going to eat her up.  I think it was his giant open mouth. :)

After our first trip to the Magic Kingdom, Reilly was asking and asking when she was going to meet the princesses.  So we knew it had to be our first stop on Tuesday morning!  We went straight to Fast-Pass the Ariel ride (which had the longest wait in the park every day, being the newest ride - 80-90 minutes by peak time!), and went right on line to meet her at her grotto.  I brought Reilly's Ariel shirt that I made her for her birthday so she could be in her full gear to meet her favorite lady. :)

 Look at her sweet face!  They talked about her shirt and Flounder and how much Reilly loved her. :)

 Little can tell how hot it was, look at their glow!  We used our spray fan a lot that day, boy.
After we met Ariel, we went and rode Ariel's ride right away.  Since it was so early, there was barely any wait!  Reilly and Reagan both loved it.  We sat in a shell, and they took you through every scene, with every song and character included.  It was so colorful and sparkly, and the technology involved was just amazing.  Plus, we all got to go on the same shell!  I loved that since they were both "lap" sized, they let us all ride together.  We didn't have to split up for even one ride.  That made for lots of family memories.  Then, since we had the fast pass, we jumped right back on her ride for a second time!  I was so happy we had an Ariel-filled morning to kick off our trip - and so was the little princess. :)

 We caught these ladies singing and dancing outside Belle's castle, and Reilly thought they were royalty and needed to go meet them.  They were so sweet!
 We also hit up the Dumbo ride, which Reilly thought we could ride twice as well!  I wish the ride was a bit longer, she had fun going up and down.

This brought us to about noon - and with 2 very hot, very sleepy babes.  They still hadn't caught up from our travel day the day before.  We knew up front that we would have to go with the flow on this trip, and not push the girls too far.  So we took their cue and headed back to the hotel for naptime and some air conditioning, while Grandma and Grandpa stayed on in the park for a while.

Before we left the park, we of course had to get some ice cream from the shop on Main Street.  It was so sweltering, that the ice cream started melting before we even left the shop.  Like, dripping all over our hands and turning to soup in 60 seconds!  I couldn't believe it.  It didn't affect anyone's fun though, Reilly still loved her Mickey cone.  We also got a really cute family picture in front of the castle, where Reagan gave her cheese face!  You could tell how drenched and hot we all are, which is part of the memory. :)

 We had a first floor room, which made napping much easier.  The girl went in for naps, and we sat outside on our patio.  This was right outside our sliding doors on the lawn.  It was nice because while they were napping, we could take turns going to the bathroom at the main lobby, getting snacks (read: Dole Whip), or checking out the Gift Shops.  We weren't trapped by naptime, so that was nice!  Plus, we had a nice spot in the sunshine surrounded by palm trees - not a bad view!

 Here are the girls after they woke up, bathed and ready for dinner.  :)

 It was a little stormy looking when we were leaving (it rained in the afternoon for about an hour every day, and then stopped and was beautiful every night), so we gave Reilly her new poncho!  She loved it.  It's from Target, not from the parks- money saver!
We had a "photo shoot" and a dance party while we waited for our table at the Prime Time Cafe. Who needs an iphone - never underestimate the distracting capabilities of a camera. :)

 Reagan wanted to join in on the fun!

 This was an awesome meal (as always!).  I had chicken pot pie, and s'mores for dessert, with the most amazing all natural lemonade.  So delish.  here is Reilly and Daddy, with her souvenir Ariel cup from her "Ariel Punch"!  It doesn't take much to thrill her!
 That night, the grandparents stayed in since they didn't get a rest that afternoon.  So we put Reagan to bed since she is the sleep lover, and took Reilly out for the Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom!  It was just Mommy, Daddy and Reilly time.  This was one of my favorite memories of the trip - because Reilly knew how special it was.  We surprised her with a Strawberry milk, and set off on the monorail!
 We went to the Magic Kingdom just in time for the fireworks show.  Reilly was SO excited, and kept saying, "I'm getting to stay up extra late, because I'm being SUCH a good girl!"  It was so cute.

 We were all wired on Disney energy that night!  Nothing was stopping us three!

 She was in awe of the fireworks, and naturally I cried.  It was amazing.  The songs in the background were so beautiful, they had princesses and other Disney characters saying famous lines from the movies.  Reilly would hear a princess voice, and immediately know who it was.  The theme was "Wishes" so it was all about your wishes coming true.  It was so moving.  And she loved seeing Tink fly!

 Then we saw this guy at the Silhouette stand, and decided we needed to have her silhouette done!  It's so classic and old-fashioned looking, and what a perfect souvenir from our trip to remember exactly how little they were when we went. (We got Reagan's done the next day too - I'm in love with them!)
 We passed by the Fairies meet and greet, which had a 60 minute wait earlier.  Well, at 10:45 at night, go figure, it was empty!  We got some awesome one-on-one chat time with Tink and her friend in their adorable fairy-land.  Tinkerbell was so sweet, and became one of Reilly's favs on this trip.
 So sweet.
Well, it was after midnight by the time we rode Alladin's magic carpet, Pirate's of the Carribean (no waits), caught the lights parade, and finally made it back to our room!  Reilly was skipping and singing and still didn't want to go to bed!  It was so funny.  But this is when The Tired began to set in for me.  My goodness, I'd wake up in the middle of the night, and be aching as I walked to the bathroom.  My feet ached, my calves ached.  The long long hours, combine with the pregnancy, put such a strain on my poor feet!  I was happy to be off them at the end of every day, and wished I had a stroller by the end!  But stopping was not an option - we had more to see!  Day 3 was when we had lunch with ALL the princesses...

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