Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sissy Time

I truly love every stage my babyhood and toddlerhood that I have experienced so far.  I am a sucker for a, I love that stage.  I love being in our little newborn cocoon as a family, tending to baby, breastfeeding baby, and not wanting to do anything else but stare at them while they sleep.  \

But I also love the new things that each growing-up stage brings.  Reilly's new 3 year old age has brought maturity that is new, an ability to be a helper and want to help, a mothering side that loves tending to her Rea Rea, and a big girl who truly loves and appreciates special outings and surprises. 

And Reagan's age has brought something that I have never gotten to experience before- the budding relationship of these little sissys. (That's what Reilly has starting calling Reagan - Sissy. I can't even.)  She really understands Reilly when she says, "Come in the playroom, Sissy, let's do a puzzle." She follows her right in and plays so calmly like a big girl!  When Reilly plays pretend and makes her a little bed to sleep in on the fireplace hearth, she climbs right in and lays down, like a perfect little playmate.  On another note, if Reilly tries to take a toy out of her hand, she will swing that toy around so fast that even I would barely be able to grab it.  :) She's a smart cookie, that one.
I just adore recently how they interact, and how it's becoming less one-sided.  Reagan can participate with Reilly now, and Reilly just loves it.

(Reagan is posing in this pic.  Learning this from her Big Sissy as well!)

Reilly asked if Reagan could sit in her lap and have milk before naptime.  I about died, the two of them cudding.  (Sidenote: Look at Reagan furrowed-brow face.  This is her exhausted face.  When She is tired, she doesn't get cranky, she just furrows her brow and stares at you, like she is just so annoyed that she is not already in her bed.  It CRACKS me up when we are in a store, and people tell her how cute she is, and she gives them this look.  I always say, "I'm sorry, we skipped her nap and she's mad at me." Haha!)

Reilly just loves doting on her.  She already asked me if she could "hold the new baby standing up like Mommy does, not sitting on the couch."  Goodness gracious. Let the lectures commence: "We are never to touch the new baby unless Mommy says so" will be discussed daily for the next 6 months! Ha.

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