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Disney Day 3! (Part 1)

So yes, Disney Day 3 needs to be a two parter.  We had a BIG day, went to the Bippidi Boppidi Boutique AND lunch with all the princesses!  Mommy's camera got a workout that day, so I thought I'd split it up to avoid picture overload. 

Plus, Bippidi Bobbidi deserves it's own post.  It was amazing.

Here are the girls in the morning, with it's-85-degrees-already-at-7am-lens-fog going on.  But I don't care, I needed a shot of these beauties with their matching Tink shirts and crown headbands. I just love dressing up these little princesses! :)
 We went to Magic Kingdom early, since that is where our Bippidi appointment was.  We had a little time to kill in the morning, so we went to the Peter Pan ride.  Confession:  I still have NO idea why this ride had such a long wait the entire trip!  From 9:00am to 11:00pm, you couldn't get on this ride without wait or a Fast Pass.  It just struck me as so odd.  The really crowded rides are always the newer ones (Ariel) or the big ones (Splash Mountain)...and this one?!  I thought maybe it could be because Peter Pan just came out of the Disney vault onto DVD, so this whole generation just starting loving it.  Either way, it's a cute ride, just not worth a huge wait to me.  But Reilly sure was excited!  She got Peter Pan as a prize just before we left, so was very into all things Peter and Wendy and Tink!

 While we were online, we caught sight of these guys around the corner posing for pictures.  I knew she would be way excited to meet them, and she was!  She just loved meeting all the characters, even more than the rides.  She had seen a teenage boy dressed as Peter Pan the day before running through the park, and she was convinced it was the real Peter, and is still asking me to this day why Peter was running that day.  Haha!
 Wendy was one of our favs.  She was so sweet and just REALLY seemed like little Wendy had come to life!  Her English accent adorable, and she was just so precious with Reilly.  They talked about bows, and how her mother makes hers for her.  Reilly just loves accents since our trip, hearing so many different people speak - she tells me that "Wendy doesn't say "Peter" she says "PetAH".  It's adorable.
 I mean, can't you just tell how much they love each other!  She is smitten with Wendy.  We heard a radio commercial for Wendy's the other day, and she totally freaked out and thought they were talking about her Wendy. :)  So happy we got to meet her.
 She loved Peter as well, and said he was "so soft!"

 Here's Wendy showing Reagan some love too!

Next, we headed over to the Castle Couture gift shop so Reilly could pick out a prize.  (More on that prize later). She got sprinkled with Pixie Dust (aka glitter aka her new favorite substance in life), by the sweet man working there.  Then we headed over to the Bippidi Boppidy Boutique which was actually inside Cinderella's Castle!
 We checked in, and got to go right back to the Royal Dressing Rooms to change into our fancy attire.  Rather than drop almost $300 on this ordeal, I opted to bring our own beautiful dresses for the girls, as well as our own shoes and wands.  This way, Reagan could be matching and feel just as special, they looked adorable, AND we saved some money!  (There is a package that includes a dress, shoes, wand, crown, etc...but I actually didn't like the way it looked when we got there!  The girl's were sweltering in these huge thick polyester gowns, and just looked too gaudy and overdone.  I was so happy that we brought our own cooler dresses, and Reilly was too!)

 I love how excited Reagan was too!  Could you just melt.

While we waited to get done, Reilly had to go to the bathroom.  I asked the woman at the front where the closest bathroom was, and she directed us around the Carousel.  As I headed out the door, the sweet sweet older "Fairy God Mother" as they call themselves, stopped us and said, "Wait! Follow me!  Tell Barbara I'll be right back!"  So Hubby took Reilly and followed her mysteriously, and I said, "Um..Barbara? She'll be right back."  A few minutes later, Reilly came skipping back into the waiting area.  The Fairy Godmother said, "Tell Mommy who you saw!".  To which Reilly replied, "WE SAW THE REAL CINDERELLA!!!"  That sweet woman took Reilly to the "real castle bathroom" (inside the Cinderella's Royal Table restaurant), and brought her past Cinderella, who waved and blew a kiss RIGHT to Reilly.  Reilly thought it was just about the most magical thing ever that she saw Cinderella in her actual castle, and that she really blew a kiss to her.  I was so grateful to that sweet woman, and wondered how many other little girls to does this for every day - absolutely making their day.  Such a sweet woman.

 Here is Reilly picking out her makeup colors from her very own Fairy Godmother.  I just loved every minute of this experience, and would do it again in a second.  It was worth every penny.

 Just look at that face!  As she holds her little wand.  I mean seriously. She was so excited.

 Sweet girl in her "glass slippers". :)
 Super excited to get started!!
 As soon as she started doing her hair, she got her very serious face.  This is when she does Big Girl things, and knows it is a big deal.  She had the same expression for her very first manicure, and I am just in love with it.
 There's her smile!
 Cutie serious face again. :)

 Then she got another Fairy Godmother, Daisy, who came to do her nails and makeup a the same time!! It was so sweet and magical for her.

 Here they were telling her about the gel they were using in her hair, and how it came from the jellyfish under the sea.  Then they had her guess who brought them the gel every morning, and it was of course Ariel.  They told her how Ariel gets her hair done there every morning, and sits in that very chair.  I just LOVED all the magical stories that each person told Reilly the whole time - it made me want to cry.
 So captivated.
 Reagan, naturally, was laughing and smiling the whole time.  She was having a ball.  And the professional photographer there, who was supposed to be photographing the Princesses, just fell in love with Reagan and spent a good amount of his film on her. :)
 Really feeling special now. :)
 Look at her nails drying!  Everything about this was cracking me up. She is so tiny getting so pampered. :)
 Seriously.  Can I eat your arms rolls, please. I'm obsessed with you. The photographer, at this point, was playing peek-a-boo and using his weirdly amazing -are-you-actually-Mickey-Mouse Mickey voice to make her laugh.
 MY FAVORITE PART.  I loved when they put the eye makeup on her, and she closed her eyes, and still had her hands out drying.  I mean, it was too much to take!

 Blotting.  Obviously.

 As soon as Mommy came close, her excited "Can you believe this Mama!" face came out. :)
 Check out Reagan pointing at her sister like, "Guys, can you get a load of this?!"

 Her hilarious shield as they sprayed her and showered her with Pixie Dust.

 Once again, the eyes closed killed me.  With the hand still out.  I this point I was holding back laughter/tears.
 As they sprinkled her with Fairy Dust, they said, "May all of your dreams and fairy tale wishes come true, Bippidi....Boppidi...Boo!"  (Cue tears from Mama. I mean, really. How could you not.)  Look at that precious precious little face, that was once in my womb, sitting in that chair as all of her little tiny 3-year-old dreams become real.  I swear, I'm not hormonal.

 Our gorgeous girl!!  Check out Mama and Daddy in the mirror, such proud parents. :)

 Her sweet smile when they spun her around to see herself. :)

In her fancy little sash, trying to take in all the magic around her. (Sidenote: I wonder if I always tilt like that when I photograph?! People who see me take pictures all the time - is this my stance? Haha) 

This is when the giggles started. :)

I love that she is always willing and ready to have her little sister climb right up into the limelight with her.  She wasn't all "No, this is my chair. She's too little." She said, "Come here Rea Rea!"  Lately she's been telling me daily how happy it makes God when she shares.  Then she'll point to the ceiling and say, "SEE?? LOOK HOW HAPPY GOD IS!"

Angels getting Daddy tickles.
Her favorite part, which she kept talking about and showing to everyone (strangers alike) was the little "Minnie without the bow behind her bun" (in case you were confused, Minnie without the bow is sometimes referred to as "Mickey". But not to her.  She insisted this was Minnie, but she just wasn't wearing her bow.)  She loves that little clip!
Holding her new Ariel prize, which she wasn't allowed to open ALL day long (we are so mean) until we got back to the hotel.  Even thought she asked no less than 53 times, each time as if she had never heard the answer before.  OH hey, when we got on the monorail, can I play with my toy?  No honey, no until we get back to our room. Ha.  But she insisted on carrying it like a purse all day.  She still loves every little teeny tiny choking hazard of a piece of that toy, and has not stopped playing with it!  Point for Mommy and Daddy. :)
All day, strangers and Disney staff would ask her about her time at the boutique, she showed them her Minnie, and told them all about her time.  It was so sweet for her to be princess for a day.  (Sidenote, ALL Disney personell, every single day, called her "Princess" everywhere she went.  They do it for every little girl, and it's just precious.)

We were so happy to be able to do this for our girl.  And I can't wait till Reagan is old enough, and to see what they do with her curls. ;) (Even though, she's be totally content watching again, I think!)  Reilly brings us so much joy every day, and is such a good girl most every day.  We were so happy to bring her the biggest smiles we knew how at he tender little age.  And some people will say (about the whole trip), that they won't remember it.  And she might not.  But that doesn't actually matter to me at all.  She will have these pictures.  She will have my words.  And Hubby and I will have the memory of watching her sweet face in such utter joy and wonder.  Which is a gift in itself.

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