Wednesday, July 3, 2013


[We interrupt these Disney updates to tell you how much we love our Daddy]

Our Daddy is the big 28 today!!  We love him so much.  He is referred to as "our prince" by the princess-loving 3 year old, and he most certainly is the prince to all his princesses. There are many things that we love about you, Daddy, and many things that make you irreplaceable to your girls.  But here are just a teensy few of the reasons we adore you:

(Some are specific to each girl...hopefully you can tell who wrote each one ;))

1.  You make the most kick-A flip flop flapjacks we ever had.  Every single weekend!  Not sure how that tradition started, but we LOVE it!  And we love those pancakes.
2. There is no one funner to dance with.
3.  You build us all of the things that we dream of.  Including, but not limited to, closets, bookshelves, bird houses, hutches, signs, gates, stairs, and drawers organizers.  We love that you are handy dandy.

 4.  You are manly.  And you are not afraid to be Daddy.  Like, full time, change diapers, no dirty baby jobs you won't do, Daddy.  To me, a true man is one who loves to be a true Daddy.
5. You love God, and are an example to our girls of how to follow Him.  You are everything that He says that a husband and father should be, and you should be proud knowing that.
6.  We love your bedtime songs and stories.  Especially your special songs that you sings to us, and the stories you tell about Daddio and Mommio and how they met at a special resort. :)
7.  You never complain about hard work.  Hard and constant work.  (The other night at bedtime, Reilly thanked God that Daddy works so hard.  She notices too, and loves you for it.)

 8. You are the funnest person ever to vacation with, or road-trip with.  And you always want to stop for fun coffees.
9.  You know how hard I work all day, and let me know that my work is important.  Never even once do you say, "Can you put them to bed, I worked all day." You are down the hall with little curls bouncing after you.

 10.  There is nowhere that we feel safer to sleep than right next to you.

11. We love how you come home with endless energy every day, and manage to pack so much quality time into our days.  Days like yesterday, "building" with Daddy after work, are the best kind of days.
12. We love how you look so handsome without even trying. 
13. We love how you can carry us all day long (Mama not so much these days...) and never tire of it.  You have such strong daddy arms!

14.  I love how I know that you were really hoping I wasn't going to end on an odd number. And an odd prime, of all things. ;)

Happy Birthday, Handsome.  This is the eleventh fourth of July that we have been celebrating your birthday together!  And they just keep getting better, don't they?  I love you more than you know. 

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