Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Fun at the New York House

Whenever we tell Reilly we are going to Mima and Papa's, she gets so excited to go to "the New York House"!  She has a bit of an obsession with all things "New York" already...we are a tad concerned for her teenage years when I anticipate many a weekend going to visit her cool Aunt Meems and doing some shopping.  I will, of course, remind her that the whole reason she even KNOWS about New York or even exists in general is because of me, and therefore, I must accompany her on these trips. Always.  Anyway, where was I?  OH YES.  Summer fun!

 We had a barbeque at Mima and Papa's to celebrate our Aunt Mimi, and Reilly and Reagan were in absolute HEAVEN with their older cousins!!  It was pretty much the cutest thing ever, since I remember yesterday when my little Jenna and Taylor were Reilly and Reagan's exact EXACT ages.  And that frightens me, because like I said, IT WAS YESTERDAY.  And now here are my children, looking up to them like "the older girls" and worshiping the ground they walked on.  And these girls couldn't have been sweeter cousins - reading to them, playing with them, treating them so sweetly that Reilly at one point said, "Mom...I have to go back to my friends."  Oh.  Well excuse me, miss. ;)

 And can we TALK ABOUT REAGAN.  PRETENDING SHE IS 7.  Look at her smiling and coloring with chalk and completely trying to distract everyone from the fact that she is 16 months old.  OH hey Mom, cheese, I'm just hanging with my cousins, no big deal. I mean, this picture makes me laugh on so many levels.

 Reilly swam up a storm with Mimi!  Look at her jump!  She had a ball.

 Summertime beauties, these girls!

 So, I secretly love what chlorine does for my girls' hair!  I mean, look at Reagan's amazing mane.
 Even more amazing than usual!

 Not to mention her tan, that she's had since she was a fetus. 

 Little chalk covered beauty!

 And then comes our favorite part of the day at a visit to the New York House. ICE CREAM MAN TIME!
 We sit by the door, we listen for the music, and wait for our buddy Mr. Softee. And Reilly reviews with us what she will order, like it's news to us.  "I'm going to get Vanillsa Swirl on a cone with rainbow sprinkles!!"  :)
 Who is happier in this picture?  It's hard to say!  My love and adoration of ice cream comes from two parents, each with their own very strong love of the wonderful treat.  It's genetic.  We are passing it down through the generations, like any good parent would.

 Ice cream lips. Skinned knees. Princess crown.  Bare feeties.  Does life get better?

Just having some life chats with Papa. :)

We love our trips to the New York house, they are such fun weekend getaways!

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  1. LOVE, LOVE...such adorable pics!!!! and we love your writing !!