Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Father's Day on the Farm

 When we were going to Disney, we flew out of Philly and stayed over at Hubby's cousins house the night before.  It happened to be Father's Day, and they made the most wonderful day for us!  It was so relaxing, so enjoyable..the perfect start to our vacation.  We kept joking that Reilly was loving it so much, that she wasn't going to want to go to Disney!  She really didn't want to leave, it was her paradise.

First of all, before we left, Reilly needed the low down on every single moment of our trip.  She is more curious and thinks things through more than I did as an adult.  Here's what I mean.

When we went to Disney when I was 19, I never asked what airline we were flying, how we were getting to the airport, where we were flying in to.  I mean, I guess I asked when we were on the way to the airport.  Hey, are we flying Jet Blue?  Oh, cool.  But other than that, I never worried about the specifics of travel - my parents had it under control.  I especially didn't think about it when I was three.   But this is how mine and Reilly's conversation about Disney went:

Mama:  We are going to Disney World!
Reilly:  Wow!  Are we going to drive there? (Really weird first question, I thought.)
Mama:  Um,
Reilly: OH, we are going to walk?
Mama:  No, we aren't walking...
Reilly:  So...we are going to drive.
Mama:  Well, actually...we are going to fly!
(I was not planning on springing the whole "we are going on a plane" thing on her so early, but she kept persisting!)
Reilly:  Oh..does the plane pick us up at our house?
Me:  No, we have to go to the airport to get on the plane!
Reilly: Okay, where is the airport?
Me: It's in Philadelphia.
Reilly:  How are we getting to Philadelphia?
(I'm really not kidding...this is word for word.)
Me: We are going to drive there.  Well, actually, we are first going to go to your cousin Rowan's house, then the next morning we are going to go to the airport.

You get the idea.  She gave me the third degree to say the least.  The convo went on with her asking if the plane lands IN Disney World, me having to explain airports again, then explaining how we had to take the magical bus from the airport to our hotel.  We had the conversation about 25 times before we left, detailing every single travel detail of the trip.  By the time we left, she was very familiar with our route. Drive, Rowan's house, play, sleep, wake up, drive, airport, plane, fly, airport, bus, Disney.  Girlfriend likes to know what's happenin'.

So by the time the day arrived to "go to Rowan's", she was extra pumped.  Even more so when we arrived, and she found out she lived next to a farm with real horses and ponies!

Here are the girls with all their supplies.  Reilly found Rowan's horse stuffed animal, and carried it around all day.
 How pretty are these girls?  They were two peas in a pod!  I mean, their dresses, their bows, their love of princesses and pink and all things pretty. 

 Not to mention the sweetness!
 Rowan showed Reilly how to take care of her pony, and how they first have to brush her.

 She took her job very seriously!

Reagan was not so sure at first, our timid little babygirl. :)

I love her little "whatchu lookin' at" cheeks.

But of course, she warmed up!  Yay Rea!

 And then Reilly got her first pony ride!  She was so excited.

 Then Reagan got in on the fun!

 Cutie faces.

Reagan's turn on the pony!!

 I can't handle how she is holding on, and her proud little pony girl face!!

 I almost filled my memory card before we go on the plane. ;)

 Sweet girls!

 We spent the rest of the day playing outside, taking naps, having delicious meals, and relaxing with family.  And of course getting excited for our trip!  Thank you so much for our wonderful Father's Day, Janet and Jason!

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  1. so adorable!! looks like such a pretty place!