Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Best Day Ever

This was, the best day ever, as proclaimed by Reilly bella. :)
We actually went to Hubby's grandparents house for brunch, came home for naps, and had our family adventure in the afternoon.  I packed up chicken sausage and veggie shish kabobs, corn on the cob, some cucumber slices, and of course s'mores fixins, and we headed down the road to our development's pool and lake area. 
 Here's Daddy's little twin, who's little nose gets beads of sweat the instant she is outdoors!  This was RIGHT when we arrived at the pool, before she even got out of the stroller.  Little angel face.

When we got to the pool, we swam and swam as the sun started setting. Then Daddy headed over and started the grill going.  They have an awesome area with tons of grills and picnic tables, right next to the lake.  The babygirls played in the sand while Daddy cooked!

 Reilly said, "Mommy, now I'm going to look sleepy while I play with the sand and you take my picture."  Hm. I never tell her what to do when I photograph her like this! (Aside from saying "Smile!")  She is such a little actress!  I don't know where she comes up with this stuff, she just kills me.

 Beansie was having an appetizer of cucumbers after her swim, and keeping Daddy company.

 Daddy the grill master!  Look at that lake - I love our new community.  #weliveonvacation

 What do you see, babygirl?

 You will never see happier pictures of my kids than when they are eating corn on the cob.  Man, do they love it!

 After we played a little "What Time is it Mister Fox", we started on dessert.  Reilly had her first s'more, Reagan had her first roasted marshmallow!  (Unbeknownst to Mommy!  I turned around and she was chowing down.  It was at this point, that I knew baths were necessary and imminent.)

Marshmallow face.  She wants that s'more!

 She settled for a regular graham cracker. :)

 Reilly's s'more face.  I may or may not have recited the entire sequence from The Sandlot when explaining to Reilly how to make one. 
Me:  "Then, you STUFF!"
Rei: "Mommy, what do you mean "stuff"?"

 We. Love. Roasted. Shmallows.

 Post-Shmallow, we had a dip-in-the-lake in order to get the wet sand out of the many baby rolls. :) Check Reilly out dancing her way back from the lake.  And Daddy of the year right there, people.  Handsome man with a naked baby, coming through. Could be the best pic of the night.

After we were clean, dry, and changed, we went on the swings.  This is when Reilly asked why we were awake so late at night (7:15!), while laughing hysterically on the swings.  Then she proclaimed it to be: The Best Day Ever. (Definitely a Rapunzel quote. Yes, she's 3 and she accurately incorporates movie quotes into her daily life.  It's a family trait.)

 After bathtime, I found them in the playroom picking out books and reading together.  One of those moments when you just want to stare at them and keeping thanking God over and over again.  And hope that they don't notice you, lest the moment be gone. Reagan was pulling each book off the shelf and handing them to Reilly and saying, "Thank you!" after every book she threw at her.  ("Tanka!")

Reilly, I agree.  Definitely "Best Day Ever" status. :) 

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