Friday, July 12, 2013

Pinterest Made Us Do It!

Recently, I saw something on Pinterest involving drawer organization.  It was a cool way to re-organize your silverware, and I thought it looked so pretty!  And Hubby immediately wanted to do it.  Apparently the silverware drawer bugged him more than I had realized, and this was his next project he wanted to make happen.  I love fun little (free) home updates, so I was excited!

Here is our silverware drawer before...not awesome, but nothing really wrong here.  Except that every time we closed it, the knives would slide out the back.  And at times, the little compartments would become overcrowded, and need to be all rearranged.  Plus, it doesn't look particularly pretty.

 Here is our new drawer!  He used random wood that we had downstairs.  Yes, we have piles of random wood downstairs.  Never thought that would be such a fun thing to have in a basement, but look what beauty becomes of it!  Hubby took some measurements, ran downstairs for maybe 12 minutes, then came up and was done in about 8 more minutes.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I love his handiness!  And craftsmanship!  Talented man of mine.

So now our silverware drawers look PRETTY!  And Reilly can easily tell/reach where all of the silverware goes, so putting it away is officially her job now.  Which is convenient, because I am not fond of this chore.  Yay for little improvements and Pinspiration! 

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