Monday, July 15, 2013

Super Close!

This little patootie is SUPER close to walking!  Which is good, because she is also super close to bring too heavy for preggo mama to carry around. ;)  We are so excited for her to take her first step - Reilly probably most of all, because then they can fully run and chase each other around.  I can't wait to see the play that ensues!  

She is now walking while holding on to little pushing/walker toys all the time, and is standing independently without holding on to anything.  The other day, she stood right up, and starting dancing to music with her little pointer fingers in the air!  I about died.  She has such good balance, she is just nervous!  She will graciously sit straight down, ever so gently, on her little hiney after we through her a party for standing up.  No leaning or reaching forward, no stepping, no motion toward stepping.  Just stand...Smile! Clap!....and sit.

But we are so close, I can feel it!  So excited and so proud of these milestones! Go Reagan Kate, my little snuggle muffin newborn baby in a toddlers body. ;)

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