Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Happiest Eater!

This is Reagan Kate.  She is the happiest little eater in the world.  This girl loves everything she eats, and has never once not cleared her plate.  She eats everything from grilled asparagus to hummus and veggie wraps to baked eggplant. 

 I actually can't even tell you what her favorite food is!  She literally acts like every food is her favorite, she shows no preference whatsoever.  What a little blessing she is!
 She just learned how to pick up a fork by osmosis I think - we gave her it, and she used it. Little pro!

 She still prefers her hands sometimes though. ;)

 She is happy as a clam every time she is in that seat!
 Hi Mama!

 And just when she clears her plate, and I think she can't get any cuter...

 She touches her clean clean hair with her messy messy hands!  Every night.  Awesome.

But then she gives me her "all done!" and I melt again.  This babygirl is certainly a charmer.

We are so thankful for your happy eating little dollface!

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