Monday, July 8, 2013

Disney Day 3, Part 2!

 So, here's where we left off with Day 3, in case you forgot.  There is Reilly's prize she picked out, her new Ariel dress up set, aka, I-am-full-of-chocking-hazards-that-are-Ariel-themed.  She is OBSESSED with it, we have liked other toys better (that don't require constant Reagan intervention).  Ha.  But seriously, she insisted on carrying that toy around for the rest of the day like a purse, even though she wasn't allowed to open it until we got to the room.  She did ask us no less than 35 times to open it in the middle of the parks, just to see if we'd changed our minds. ;)

So we left the Magic Kingdom, fav toy in hand, ridiculously adorable 20's sunglasses on face, and BOOKED it to Epcot for our Princess Lunch at Akershus Castle.  Now, when  I say booked, I mean almost running the ENTIRE way.  Both girls were in the stroller, and we were hauling.  We had to be there by 12, and we only had about 45 minutes to get from the castle, to the Monorail, switch Monorails, and through Epcot.  Not easy, but we made it in time (relatively). We were afraid of another Chef Mickey's situation, where the characters started coming out instantly and we didn't get to get our food, or worse, missed a princess hitting our table.  We were relieved when we made it!

Upon getting there, we were greeted by Belle and got some adorable professional pictures of her and our family.  We told her that she and Reilly share a name. :)

The first princess to come to our table was Sleeping Beauty, aka Aurora.  How stunning is she?!
 She could have been a runway model!  She was so tall, and Reilly loved her blonde curls.

Next to visit us was Snow White.  Mommy's fav!  Reilly told her she was Mommy's favorite, and Snow thought we could be sisters. I mean, I'm just reporting the facts..she said it, not me. ;)
 Telling her stories..
 Blurry but I'm obsessed with that face.

 The girls with Snow!  Things I love about this picture: Reilly and she are holding hands, and Reagan can't even help herself and is grinning up at her with her apple-red  cheeks. She was smitten with the princesses!  She totally knew that this was an awesome experience.

 Just then, Snow White asked Reilly in her perfect Snow voice, "Would you like to come help me lead the parade?"  Well, I about died.  Both mine and Reilly's dreams were coming true at the same time.  Off they went!

 They had a parade with all the princesses, and all the little girls around the many rooms of the restaurant.  And Reilly got to LEAD the parade, holding Snow White's hand, and holding her flower basket.  LOOK AT THAT JOYFUL LITTLE FACE.  Naturally,  I did as any crazed princess-loving mother would, and ran around that restaurant like a pregnant lunatic snapping pictures from every angle.  All other parents (and I mean ALL), sat politely in their seats clapping as the parade went by.  Meanwhile, there I am, borderline IN the parade, zooming, squatting, clapping, smiling, and snapping away.  Worth every second. :)

 A back view, in case we needed a fresh angle.
 This is Snow at the end of the parade, silently waving and acknowledging my psychosis.

 All the girls waving to Snow.  Trip MADE.

When Reilly and I finished our parade, Ariel herself came to our table!  Look at these giddy faces!
 She was so sweet.  All the princesses spent such a long time at our table, that Hubby would say "Okay, Reilly let's get her go..".  I, on the other hand, would feed Reilly conversation starters so she could get some awesome quality time with each one. :)  I figured, these girls are pros, when they need to move on they will certainly just wrap it up and go to the next table.  But while they were with us, we will soak up every second! 
 Here is Reilly asking her if that is the necklace that Ursula captured her voice into.  She said no, this one was from her Daddy, King Triton, and he collected the shells himself and gave one to each of her sisters.
 Here she is falling in love with Reilly's love for her. :)

 Next was Cinderella, and Reagan was SCREAMING with joy when she came over.  It was amazing.

 We told Cinderella that we love Gus Gus, he is our favorite character.  And then we have on video Reilly telling her that Gus Gus is "chubby like our Rea Rea", and Cinderella laughing so hard she could barely contain herself. :) Haha.
 Then they danced, and sang "Cinderelly, Cinderelly" together. :)

After the lunch, we went on one ride in Epcot and then headed back to our room for naps.  It was HOT this day, and we all needed to be cooler, and to sleep a little!
 After naps, we played outside our room on the patio area, of course with our new obsession.

 Then we had a little family dinner at the quick-service restaurant at our hotel, Captain Cook's.  It was so much fun dining with our girls. :)

 Learning how to ham it up like her sissy. :)

 We went outside and saw some teeny baby ducks!

 That night, we headed to Downtown Disney with the girls to get some souvenirs.  We took a belly pic on the way. :)

 We had another late and very fun night.  IOn the way, the girls were being so silly and giggly on my lap, that they had the entire bus laughing.  Reilly was singing, "We are being silly girls on the bus!!"  I was cracking up the whole time.  Once downtown, we went to Goofy's Candy shop, and Reilly picked out a treat (rainbow unicorn lollipop, same favorite as Mommy!) and she finished the WHOLE thing!  It was hilarious.  We also went to the Christmas shop, and the World of Disney store, where Reilly picked out a special Rapunzel babydoll for her Sissy.  The bus ride home was long, and boy were we happy to  be in bed that night! We crashed.

 But of course, Reilly crashed ever so delicately in her giant princess-sized bed. :)

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