Thursday, November 4, 2010

Baby in Blue

Sometimes, when all other games have been played, my favorite game is "Make Baby Laugh and Take Pictures on Mama's Bed". It's so much fun. Reilly sits right in the center of our enormous bed, and looks like a little proud potato with really good posture. She always sits straight up against the pillows the first 11 times I sit her down. She sits straight up, eyes WIDE, smiles huge, and then falls forward. This happens, like I said, 11 times, and then she leans back a little. It's very funny.

Anyway, these games always end up in me getting slightly odd pictures of her. She will rarely smile when my camera is in front of my face. That is why I always get the frightened faces. I get smiles when I take the camera away from my face, hold it to the side, and then she can see me.

But then I get pictures like this.

Adorable, yes. Frame-able? Well yes, I frame everything. What was I saying?

But I actually love the faces I get of her. The smiles will always be there. But these little funny babyfaces full of chubby cheeks and curiosity? Those will not always be here.

I mean I can't imagine that when she is 16 heading off to her first of many school dances, I'll say, "Okay babygirl, now don't smile, give me the little babyface chubby-cheek face full of curiosity!" Come on, just like when you were a little banana!

So for now, I love these face. Every single one.

Wait, what's that Reilly? Okay, yes, I know. I was going to show them your trick. Oh, YOU want to tell them about it? Okay, go ahead.

Okay, okay, hi guys!! I'm so excited. This is MY new favorite game. It's so much fun. You should all try it. Okay here is how you play. First, you have to grab your feet. Did you know I could grab my feet?? I know, I'm such a big girl. Mama tells me.

So anyway, you grab your feet. And there will always be a sock there. So, you pull it off like this...

See here, guys? Here's my sock!

Okay, then, you chew on it. It's so much fun. But Mama will take it away and put it back on your foot, so then we do it again! But then the sock gets really wet, and Mama takes it off. But, it's winter time, so she ALWAYS puts on more socks! It's a never-ending game!

Mama says that it's yucky and I have lots of clean things to chew on. But then she laughs when I keep doing it. She likes my game, too!


Reilly Belle


  1. kate,will you be at any local craft shows this season?nicole

  2. I'll be at the Woodloch Craft fair again this winter! On Dec. 5. Mainly Christmas signs. Unless you have a request, I can make it and bring it!