Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Little Elf

Black Friday. Shopping. Crowds. Early early birds. Sales. Craziness.

I'm not really about it. I'd rather sleep in and make soup with leftover turkey. Hubby did go out at 4:30am, though. You think I kid? He and his Dad and brothers go to Home Depot every black Friday. Cracks me right up. But then he came home, and we had our family outing.

This is where we spent our Black Friday.

Peace on top of a mountain - chopping down our Christmas tree! Hubby did it, with a real old fashioned tree-chopper-down saw. Also known as a hand saw, I believe. But I like tree-chopper-down saw. Can you picture it?

There are no photos of it because Reilly and I were breast feeding in the car. In the heat, with the Christmas music on.

She made this face. I love this face. Tee hee.
And we took an impromptu Christmas card photo! Look at our little elfie! I put a bow on her Santa hat so that she looks like a little girlie girl. :)

Baby's First Christmas. :)

Hello, little angel.
I like your little Santa boots. Does your Mama put them on you every day? Yes, I thought so.


Mama loves you, pretty face.

Merry merry first Christmas peanut!

We are going to Elf you out as much as possible, Banana. You will be in that Santa hat every time we leave the house. Unless you are wearing pink, because that's a little clashy. And you will hear so much Christmas music, you will be humming them before you are talking.

I love this season with our new family of three!

Love & Sugarplums,

Dirt Road Mama

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