Monday, November 22, 2010

Sit Me Up, Love

Reilly Baby is learning to sit up! She has such good body control lately. We are so proud of the babygirl! Here are her attempts and triumphs! GO REI REI!

There she goes! Sitting up, like a champ.

"Oh, hey Mama! You takin' pictures of me?"

Oh dear, down we go!

Take 2.

Swinging those rings around!

"Mama, look at me! I'm lounging!"

"Must you take my picture with all this drool? So embarassing, Mama.."

Look at you go, babygirl!!

"Thanks, Mama! Hey look, it's my foot..."

"Mmm, I love my feet."

"And my rings. Munch munch munch. What were we doing again, Mama?"

We are making strides! Clearly, curiosity is our downfall, currently.
Yay, feet! [flop.] Yay, rings! [flop.] Yay, Mama's takin' pictures! [flop.]

She's a funny little bunny, our curious little Reilly Belle. Physical feats are not her current priority. :)

Love & Babyface,

Dirt Road Mama

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