Friday, November 12, 2010


This is a little poem by me, Reilly. I call it "Freedom".


Freedom is rolling around on the floor.
Freedom is Daddy walking through the door.
Freedom is no bedtime, ever again.
Freedom is playtime, no matter where or when!

Freedom is feeties in my mouth, not in clothes.
Freedom is Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.
It is mama letting me play before the bath,
I love wearing no diaper more than Daddy loves math!

Freedom is breaking free of my blanket sleeper.
Freedom is no jammies - Mama, wouldn't it be cheaper??
Freedom is chewing on my socks all day long,
Mama play some music - this should be a song!

Love, Rei Rei

We all define freedom in different ways.
This is how Reilly views it.
I told her about Veteran's Day, and how people protect our freedom. And this is what she came up with. Oh well, some lessons will have to wait till the first birthday, I guess. :)

Thank you, soldiers. Reilly loves ya.

Love & Freedom,

Dirt Road Mama

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