Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Shutterbug

As you may have guessed with the amount of pictures I take of my little princess pea, Hubby and I are excited about our Christmas card this year. Last year, we had a belly picture with words of excitement about our upcoming babygirl. This year, it's all about the babygirl!

Somethings about the Christmas card need to be kept a surprise. I'm sure there will be many, many photos taken with tongues sticking out, drool, bubbles, and some cranky faces. And that's just what I expect from Hubby - who knows what Reilly will come out with!

Just teasing, handsome. ;)

So the things that are going to be kept secret for now are:
1. The location. It will be Christmas-y and beautiful and festive.
2. The photographer. It's not a professional. And we're not paying them.
(Does any feel like taking our Christmas card photo? It'll be so fun, I swear.)
3. Our outfits. Reilly's will be amazing. Brett's will be handsome, hopefully. I don't own any red, so that always makes things interesting.

But there is something I'm sharing with you. We are getting them from Shutterfly. I mean, how simple...take a picture, upload, order. Done. With my little peanut who wants to play all day every day, I'll take a low stress Christmas card situation.

I love so many of the cards, I can't even choose. I'll have to enlist Hubby to help me decide. Maybe we'll have a multiple photo card, like this one? Or a nice simple folded card, with a close up of Reilly girl. Although something like this one is so bright and cheery, I may have to go with it.

While searching for the perfect card, these gift tags started calling my name.

Someone send elves, I need assistance. Christmas has began. And I am loving it.


Dirt Road Mama

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