Friday, November 26, 2010

Goodness Gracious

I am grateful for all of the goodness and grace, that come straight from our wonderful God.

I never take it for granted, everything He gives. When I think He can't bless anymore...of course, He does. It amazes me. I thank You God, I thank You every day. I feel so grateful, I could burst. That's how I felt yesterday. That's how I feel most days.

Here is our table! I hosted. It was so much fun. And I LOVE leftovers. And man, do we have leftovers.

The napkins and napkin holders are my grandma's. She made the holders, and gave them to me a few years ago. I found them by accident an hour before my guests arrived. How perfect!

Family Photo, Take 1.

Baby's First Thanksgiving. Baby's First Christmas Season. I can't put into words how magical it feels to share this with her. We are children again in this house. We are watching elf and sitting on Santa's lap and hitting up Toys R Us tomorrow.

I feel like the house is glowing!

This face is all we need, Hubby and me! Thank you God.

Thank You for all the people that you surround us with in our life. Family and friends that love and give more than I feel we deserve. I love them all.

Thank You for our little Pilgrim Baby.

It was my first Thanksgiving without my Mama's cooking, without my family around me. And I of course, missed them. It made me sad for a moment when I heard my Mama's favorite Christmas song, and it began to snow.

But the traditions of my family filled my table, and my house. My mama's recipes, that happy parade that I seem to love more every year, the Christmas music. We had a beautiful day surrounded my Hubby's family and friends, and it was a blessed day. There was a lot of love in our house.

And I looked at baby's face, as she filled everyone with smiles. And I realized that no matter where we are celebrating the holiday, everyone is healthy and happy and thankful for one another. And as long as the family's traditions are shared, no matter where, the love is always there.

And then we had a fire.

Sorry, I had to break up the sentiment. But it's true, there was a fire. I did it. After about 17 dishes prepared to perfection, the sweet potatoes caught fire while we were broiling the marshmallows. And I mean FLAMES. Huge. Had to be brought outside, and still didn't go out. Both smoke alarms when off. My oven mitts caught fire. And Hubby stayed calm and put it out. And I grabbed my fire extinguisher, which I have in the kitchen, and realized how useless it is if I don't know how to use it. Don't worry Mama, Hubby went over it after our guests left.

And we actually still ate the sweet potatoes. They were pretty amazing.

And then there's this turkey! Which literally fell off the bone as Hubby carved it. Who ever heard of "fall off the bone" Thanksgiving turkey?? It was amazing.

And now I am off to:
Make babyfood. Go cut down our Christmas tree. Decorate the house for Christmas. Watch Elf with babygirl. Make a leftover turkey soup with my beautiful turkey bones.

Yes, all today.

Maybe not the soup. The soup may wait till tomorrow.

Did I just call turkey bones, beautiful?

Well it's true. It's a beautiful thing, this season that celebrates Jesus. Every darn thing about it.

Love & God's Grace,

Dirt Road Mama

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