Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Benture Bag

Recently, we had some pretty severe storms that were threatening to come through our area.  They were supposed to be coming through on and off all day, so I prepared first thing in the morning.  In our area, a bad thunder and lightening storm can turn dangerous pretty fast.  There are lots of trees, so obviously them falling is a danger.  If winds pick up, tornado watches and warnings start.


I mean,  I don't know many people that enjoy them.  But they are my number one fear. Spiders I can deal with.  Snakes don't  bother me. Tornados are the one things that totally freak me out.  So I packed a survival bag early in the morning.  Flash lights, waters, food, diapers, phones...and I added things all day long.  The storms didn't end up coming until nighttime, and hitting badly RIGHT when Hubby walked through the door (yay for prayers being answered!). 

I set up a basement sanctuary during these types of storms.  We usually lose power anyway, so there's not much else to do, so we hang out in the basement to be safe.  I laid out blankets, and set up a pack and play so I could just grab the girls and go downstairs if it came on fast. Problem is, Reilly picks up really easily on my mood.  I didn't want her to be scared of storms forever because of me and how I was acting.  So my mama told me to have HER pack a bag and try and make it fun for her.  So we called it her "Special Adventure Bag" and I told her to put things she would want for her adventure to the basement.  She called it her "Feshial Benture Bag", and man was she excited.  She is not usually allowed in the basement.  So we put on her Elmo slippers, and headed downstairs. 

Also in Mommy and Daddy's bag was some Solo cups and wine.  Just for good measure.

So apparently, Reilly had the time of her life.  Ever since the storm, she is constantly saying "I need to get my Benture Bag and my Elmo slippers and go to the basement!"  She especially asks to go down if:
1. Either Hubby or I go downstairs. ("I will come to! I will get my Benture Bag!")
2. It is raining. (She says "I hear thunder!  We go to the basement!")
3.  Lights are turned off in the room we are in. ("OH no!  What happened to the lights?! I will get my Benture Bag!")

It's like she's trying to trick me into thinking the power went out so we can go down there.  I can't tell you how many times I have turned the lights on to reassure her that we still had power.  It was sure an eventful night/ next day (no power all day!)  But we had a memorable time, and actually had so much fun.  Luckily the storm wasn't as bad as it seemed like it was going to be.  And now Reilly thinks storms are the funnest thing ever!  :)

This picture has nothing to do with the post, this is one morning was Reilly insisted that Reagan sit with her to watch Elmo.  Just let me melt right now. 

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