Friday, July 6, 2012

Our Vacay!

 So many things that I loved about our family vacation!  So many things I want to remember!

It took us a WHILE to get there, due to horrible road signs and mis-marked roads.  Reilly was getting antsy, and kept asking "We go beach?!" over and over, which was her way of saying "Are we there yet?!".  She
was very patient though!  And we finally made it!

We first went for ice cream, to a huge amazing liquor store, and then to the food store to stock up on some of our favorites for the hotel room.

 Reilly is holding a brick of Pecorinno cheese.  We love good cheese.

 Our amazing friends invited us over to their parents house for dinner!  They were so gracious, even though they were dealing with some tired and cranky people who just endured a very long car ride.  ;)  Sweet, sweet Madison and Reilly were just the cutest together!  Reilly is still talking about her and praying for her at night.

 Rae Rae had a great time, breast feeding and relaxing with Daddy!  Both girls fell asleep in the car on the 7 minute drive back to the hotel. :)

 Reilly was hilarious on vacation. She was SO excited to be in the hotel room (. I think it is an innate instinct in kids, yes?), and she was just laughing and silly all day.  Everything was fun and exciting.  Then again, we went for ice cream EVERY day, so maybe this was the root of the excitement.

Daddy and Reilly at breakfast together.

 The view from our hotel room.  It was so serene!

 I loved all the Cape Cod houses.  I could have stared at houses like this one all day!

 The next day, our friends took us to an amazing beach!  It was so beautiful, perfectly empty, and the best part - it had rocks!! So Reilly got to "throw rocks in the water" all day long.  Now, this girls will sit and throw rocks in a puddle all day you can imagine her excitement when it was a BEACH full of rocks and an OCEAN full of water.  This was her heaven.

 It was so so hot that day!  We were so blessed with beautiful weather.

 Rae beans and I spent most of the day in the "breastfeeding tent" with Amanda and Isabella.  She was such a good girl.

 Ugh. My chunkies.  I love her.
 Reilly went to go meet some other friends.  We had to reign in our little social butterfly once again. :)

 Little twinsie sleeping girls!

 Reilly and I on the beach, loving life.

 Nothing better than a happy girl.

 Flippin' cutest hat ever.  Reagan beans all ready for dinner!

 This was after  Bath #1 of the day, right before Bath #2.  We had a little playtime while we waited to meet friends for dinner.  This was about 5:00, and it was still scorching hot!  As you can see, my lens was fogging up!
 True Story:  When we first got to our hotel, Brett took Rei to this playground right outside our room to play in the sand.  She thought this was in fact "the beach".  She loved that playground!
 Pretty curly girl!
 Getting ready to take a family picture.  Things Daddy didn't know how to do 2 years ago:  Put on a headband. :)

 First attempt, Reagan wouldn't let go of my hair.  Girlfriend has a death grip, I tell ya.

 There we go!

Super fun day, and it wasn't over yet!  Fun fun days with my favs.

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