Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Fourth!

  You may think I am writing about the Fourth of July, which I am in a way.  On the fourth of July, my babygirl celebrated her FOURTH month with us!  She is the cutest little four month old bean you ever want to see.  Spend a little while with her, and I promise you will become obsessed.

Let's be honest, just look at this face, and you will become obsessed.  Her personality is just as precious as she looks.  She's just such a sweetie little girl.

 She cuddles.  She locks eyes. She laughs.  She giggles. She smiles.  She sleeps. She observes.  She is just so good, so quiet, so serene, so happy.  We went out to dinner the other night, and she just up on my lap and observed the room and stared at the table full of family, while I ate with the other hand.  She is such a little blessing, such a little dream.

 She just started doing raspberries this morning!! I love how one day babies just start doing something new, out of nowhere.  Especially cute little things like that.

She is a little laughing machine!  They other day, she started laughing and giggling in so many different ways, making so many new sounds.  She scrunches up her whole face when she is really laughing.  It's the best thing ever. 

She LOVES to be held and cuddles.  She could be crying to eat, and I'll pick her up and she'll be content to just sit in my arms with me.

 Our biggest development would have to be that girlfriend officially SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT!!  She'll sleep a solid 11 hours every night.  She's such a good little sleeper.  I'm not even starting her on cereal yet, since the breast milk is sustaining her so well, I figured why not keep it all natural for a little bit longer!

She laughs at Reilly all the time now.  Reilly loves it, and announces "RAE RAE LAUGHING!"  Reilly will go over and say, "Reagan how are you?!" Then she'll run over to me and say, "Reagan says she's good."  It cracks me up. 

I call Reagan "Rae Rae Beans" all the time, and Reilly has started calling her "Rae Rae Bean Bean Salad".  I love that she makes up nicknames for her. :)

Reagan says, "Mama, I'm tired of these photos, are we done yet?"

Happy 4 months, to our pleasant little beanie!  We love you, Reagan Kate.

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