Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Daddy's Girls (and our weekend)

 Daddy sure loves his girls!

These are some fun people to have around, let me tell you.  I really can't get enough of how hilarious Reagan's faces are compared to Reilly's.  As ecstatic and excited Reilly looks, that's about how nervous Reagan looks in every picture. :)

We had such a fun weekend.  It was the perfect mix of accomplishing and relaxing, with lots of quality time mixed in.  We had a date night on Friday, which was so much fun to just have some "us" time.  I love how we laugh and talk the whole time - and we even talked about other things besides the kiddies! :)

Then Saturday we woke up and went to a local blueberry farm!  Pretty much the cutest place ever.  Blueberry picking, and then the cutest little gift shop and ice cream shop, which put it over the top.  The whole place smelled like a blueberry muffin.  And of course, they had homemade blueberry ice cream (among other flavors).  I couldn't get over the genius of the place for kids:  Picking blueberries (read: EATING blueberries) right from the tree as they please, running around in glorious fields, then just when they get tired and hot, you go and get amazing ice cream.  I was convinced that the sentence, "Reilly, let's go get some ice cream!" was the ONLY sentence that would have gotten her out of a blueberry field.  Girlfriend loves her blueberries.

Saturday afternoon everyone took a nap.  "Everyone", when referring to naps, means everyone except mom.  I'm not sure why, but it just does.  Mama needs to clean, make dinner, take advantage of all the peace and quiet!  Mama laughs in the name of naps. HA. Who needs 'em.  Okay, I maybe I do.  But my family needed dinner more than I needed a nap. ;)

Saturday night we decided to have a date-night-in.  We looked at the movies we have, which is very very few.  We have acquired like under 10 over the years of being married - we're not big movie collectors.  But someone at Hubby's work was giving away movies for free - so he thought this was our chance to become big movie collectors.  And so we watched one, his choice.  He picked 10,000 BC.

Let me tell you about this movie.  There are cavemen.  There are wooly mammoths.  It takes place in the tundra, and then somehow they walk back and forth to Egypt throughout the film.  There are only 2 females in the whole film, and they are both kind of witches.  There is fighting and battling.  And there is a narrator the whole time, because it is that hard to figure out what is going on, so you really need this random guy telling you what to think.  Oh, and Hubby never stopped reminding me, there was an "underlying love story".  (A man and a woman would look at each other every 20 minutes from across the desert and/or tundra).  This movie was horrible. Awful.  I got up and made homemade brownies during the middle portion.  But for some reason, we watched the whole thing.  And for some reason, making fun of this movie with my man was funner to me than watching the last 5 great movies I have seen.  We had the funnest time laughing and making fun of this movie, it was the most unexpected date night fun!  And the brownies were to die for. :)

Sunday we had our monthly get together with Reilly's adorable little friends.  I love watching them together, they have been friends since they were just a few months old!  We look forward to our dinners together so much.  Cutie little kids we have. :)

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