Saturday, July 7, 2012

Vacay Part Two!

 After our day at the beach, my BFF since childhood Kate and her boyfriend drove down from Boston and met us for dinner.  I just love getting to spend time with them.  We always have so much fun.

 It is so much fun to get to experience another phase of life with a friend you have had since you were kids.  Seeing Reilly adore her as much as I do is something special.

 This beautiful beach was right across the street from our restaurant, so we strolled while our table was getting ready.

 This restaurant decided it was not yet the time to turn on the air conditioning.  It was SO. SO. HOT.  Until one of us realized there was a window behind me, and I opened and felt like I was breathing for the first time in my life.  It was all pretty comical.

The restaurant had a little ice cream stand attached to it, so obviously we indulged. Reilly was beyond hilarious.  She was running around the deck and laughing hysterically and screaming in delight while spinning in circles.  She was definitely on ice cream induced over tired vacation high!

 If we thought our beach day was hot, this day was HOTTER!  We couldn't even go down this slide more than once because of how hot it was!  I thought my leg was going to actually get burned!

 We strolled to do none other than find water, and throw rocks.

 Gorgeous girl of ours!

After another ice cream trip, both girls fell asleep in the car.  We weren't sure what we should do, since we wanted to stroll around, but they also needed their sleep.  It was also quickly becoming way to hot to stroll around.  Then, I saw the most amazing signs.

One said, "Cape Cod Art Museum".  The other said, "Wine Bar".  And thus, we found our days activities!

This was a movie theater.  How amazing is that building. 

 I consider myself a master at the sleeping-baby-in-the-car-to-stroller-transfer.  In minutes, both girls were in the stroller snoozing away.  We enjoyed some beautiful art.  Hubby almost drop-kicked the lady who worked there who wasn't getting the WHISPERING and SLEEPING CHILD signals we were giving her, and explained the museum's displays in a voice fit for a ballgame.  It was like going to a library and having the librarian screaming at you.  It was so odd!

I got inspired to paint boats, and we laughed together at really odd nude artwork.  I'm all for nude artwork, I mean, I get it.  But this was ODD.   I would have taken pictures but it "wasn't allowed" and Hubby insisted there were cameras.  I like risking it and playing dumb if caught, but I played it safe this time.  Can't breastfeed from art museum jail, you know?

 The second part of our trip, we spent at our great friends house.  They are the most amazing hosts, and make us feel so welcome even though we had toddlers and babies and cribs and enough bags for a week.  I love the kind of friends that you can not see for months, and then spend all night talking and laughing and drinking.

I also love the kind of friends who have ridiculously comfortable guest beds.  These friends fit both categories, so we are keeping them. :)

 This last one is of both girls looking at their Daddy.  I just love it.

 Reilly, loving life with 2 dogs and 2 cats!

 Beautiful Michelle snuggling Rae beans.
 Reilly was thrilled to pick some flowers and give them to everyone!

 "Mama, for youuu!"
I love God's artwork.

We left our vacation relaxed and refreshed and rejuvenated, feeling blessed to have so many amazing friends in our life, and the opportunity to spend such quality time with them.  And such quality time with each other.

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