Thursday, July 12, 2012

Morning Time!

 This is Reilly in the morning time.  Although her face looks cranky, she is such a sleepy, cuddly little sweetheart in the morning.  She talks in this high pitched voice and says, "Can I please have Mommy cereal?" (Which is cereal with milk, from my bowl. Clearly magical.) And I can't get enough of her morning hair.

 This is Rae Rae beans in the morning, with Mima.  Both in PJs.  Both beyond beautiful.

 Bubbles with Papa in our PJs!

 I love when this baby wears white.  She almost glows, she looks so angelic.  She should always wear white. I will faint on her wedding day.  And then cry.  And then die.  Wait, who brought this up?!

Okay, good she's still a baby. :)  Papa makes her smile every time!

Reilly coloring with Mima on the deck. :)

And speaking of morning, if you happen to color early in the morning, and then go into have breakfast, let it be known that all of the crayons will melt into liquid all over your beach towel.  BUT, douse it in Goo Gone, throw it in the wash, and the wax will come out like magic.  Just in case this happens to you.

I love summer mornings. :)

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