Friday, July 30, 2010

Changing of the Diaper

Most babies do not enjoy the changing of the diaper time. There is crying. Fussing. Flailing. Irritated bottoms. It's not usually a pretty time.

Except this baby. She loves it.

Not only does she love it, but changing her diaper will actually PUT her in a good mood. It's like she knows that she is uncomfortable, and that the changing will make her feel better. She's very content on the changing table, almost giddy.

Case in point:

Giggly Reilly
Gazing Reilly
Playing Reilly
Watching Reilly.

But it could also be that she is mesmerized by the outdoors. Her changing table is next to 2 windows, and she loves looking out at the trees. And at her little groundhog friend. His name is Murray. After Bill. He lives out the window in a little hole, and he goes up on his hind legs and stares in her window when she cries. It's quite funny.

Reilly and her peaceful place...

Love & Clean Hineys,

Dirt Road Mama

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  1. beautiful Reilly...Mima loves you so much!