Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Love, Because of A Lake

There once was a lake.
A girl visited this lake with her love.
It was a sparkling jewel among only trees.
Teenagers, they vowed one day to return to this place.
Years later, life was getting busy and crowded.
The lake came to mind.
Family and beautiful surroundings.
The couple returned to the lake.
And started a little inn, run only by their family.

Thirty-five years later.
A young girl and her family.
They visit a perfect little lake.
Now family resort sits beside the lake.
The family dive, swim, float, boat, dream by this lake.
The young girl sees the owners at dinner.
She sees a sweet old woman.
And tells her that she loves it here. That she wants to work here and live here when she grows up. That this is her dream.
The woman smiles a smile of knowing. Knowing that same dream.
And seemingly, knowing this young girl would someday realize hers.
The family will never vacation anywhere else but this lake.

Ten years later, a boy.
A boy who grew up not far from the lake.
Takes a summer job where all of his friends work. At the resort on the lake.
A summer as a teenager, he meets a girl and her family.
They were by the lake. They say they have never vacationed anywhere but here for 10 years.
Later that week, the boy kisses the girl.
On the shores of this lake under the stars.
By the week's end, the boy and the girl sit by the lake.
They hold hands.
The boy sees an elderly couple boating at sunset.
They hold hands. And look only into the other's eyes.
He points and says, "That's gunna be us one day."
The girl looks at his face. She is 14. He is 16.
Yet she knows in her heart that what he says is true.

Ten years later.
A little girl.Too little to know how special this lake is.
The lake by which she spends her first Fourth of July.

Too little to know that her mama has been vacationing here since she was a little girl.
Too little to know that her mama moved to and worked by this lake.
Just as she always dreamed.

Too little to know the love that her mama and daddy have for her.
Or for each other.
But she will. She'll know this love.

Today, she puts her toes in this lake for the first time.
She's too little to know how special this lake is.
The love that started because of this lake.
But she will. She'll know this lake.


  1. Okay sister..i am crying. I LOVE THIS.
    Okay I need to go get tissues now. This story has so much meaning to me. I love you & I love that lake.
    xoxo Melissa

  2. I am crying too! one day Reilly will understand how truly magical that lake is! :) I love you babygirl! this is one of my favorite posts yet!

  3. This is a beautiful love story! It made my heart melt!

    -Sabrina B.