Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Too. Tired. Can't. Think.

I came home from my SECOND trip to town in one day (which is 30 minutes one way...that's 1 hour round trip...that's 2 hours in the car total), and now it seems I may have to take a third, and I had a thought.

Which is more vital to the human body - sleep or food?

I stood in my kitchen, with my sleeping baby right out the car, and my rumbling stomach, and thought. The fact that this thought even crossed my mind is ridiculous, I think. But I am so tired I could fall on my face, and so hungry that I couldn't think of something to eat fast enough. My sister who is always on top of my nourishing habits will be happy to know I chose food over sleep.

Why did I have to make a choice, you may ask? Because I don't have time for both.

Baby will wake. Need to eat. Require attention. Be needy due to sore little thighs from vaccines this morning. Need my lovins. Hence - choices. Food or sleep.

Another reason I chose food was because I was waiting for phone calls from various physicians/nurses/lactation consultants/pediatricians regarding The Thrush, which will now be referred to as Satan, and I couldn't very well hide all my phones under the pillows of my couch so I could sleep. I needed to be awake to answer and talk and consult and solve.

By the way, that's what happened if you call and I don't answer. I am sleeping. And my phone are under pillows so they don't wake baby and me. You should try it - phones, under pillows, sleep.

Unless you don't have time. Then you should eat something.

Love & Sleepytime,

Dirt Road Mama

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