Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My Hubby is quite the handy man. He has a garage that he calls Mantown. That is literally it's name, not a joking name only used in jest. It is the town of man. Mantown will have it own post someday soon, but today we're talking about colors.

Being an artist, I love color. I also love colors.

[Difference: To love color is to look at a room/painting/buiding/place/life and appreciate the palate that is created in a certain place through the use of color. To love colors is to literally have a fascination with various shades of specific colors. I have both loves.]

I often refer to items and colors in terms of Crayola colors. Such as, "I saw this shirt that's so pretty. It's a cute tank top, in macaroni and cheese." Totally typical sentence. Crayola crayons still fascinate and excite me. Especially brand new ones. It's a bit of an obsession.

Much like my obsession with this little one.

When I'm painting and I create a gorgeous color, which usually happens by accident, I'll paint in on my table so I can always looks at it.

Many times I will be cooking something, and call Hubby over and say, "LOOK at this color, I want to paint a wall this color." For example, sauteed zucchini in olive oil is one of my favorite colors. As well as caramelized sweet onions. Or roasted asparagus. Okay, so you understand my color obsession.

Now handy Hubby is building a piece of furniture for a previously pretty dead corner of our kitchen. I'm so excited. I don't know what to call it...maybe shelves? It will be done soon, and we'll have exhilarating before and after pictures to post, so you'll see. But he is making it to house our wine glasses, wine bottles, our microwave on one shelf, and then some free shelves for whatever organization suits my fancy. And I got to choose what color to paint it!! I knew right away what I wanted. My new favorite color.

Grayish Taupeish Purpleish.

My husband stared at me when I declared my decision. He said there is no such color. I said, sure there is. I can see it in my head. It's kind of taupe, but has a gray tinge, as well as a definite purpley quality. To which he repsonded, purpley quality? And again insisted there was no such color. So off to the hardware store we went to find my perfect color.

I found it the little card that made me smile. (The one in the middle) It didn't have a fun name, due to the brand that it was. Which made me sad, but it was pretty close to one called "Hippo". So the girl punched the code into the computer, and it started automatically making the color. She went to the back room to mix it. At which point I looked at the computer, and screamed. HUBBY, LOOK!!

Right there, on the screen, were the colors that were being used to make my color. And they were as follows:
- black
- white
- tan
- magenta

That's it. I pointed at the screen in pure joy and said, "Grayish. Taupeish. Purpleish."

Hubby smiled and shook his head. Then he told me I was weird.

Weird? Maybe. Expert of the Colors? Definitely.
I'll take it.

Love & a Colorful Life,

Dirt Road Mama

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