Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Mama is behind this month! Which is very suiting to the fact that I have a 2 month old, I think. Busy busy! But fear not, I took these pictures right on the 2 month date!

And now, a little about my 2 month old princess pea...

[p.s. LOOK at those pants. I wish I had them in every size. Including mine.]

1. The little banana is focusing focusing focusing! She will stare at you as you speak to her. I just see her little mind learning and expanding. It's absolutely amazing. She is taking in absolutely everything around her. So we have stepped up the singing, talking, reading, and alphabet games! I love learning. And teaching. Hence, it being my job.

2. She makes faces!! She smiles, and "laughs"! Which is this giant smile face that looks like a laugh will come out any second.

3. She makes talking noises! It was the most amazing thing. I fed her at 2 am, and then put her back in her crib. She starting making her "going back to sleep" sounds, and then I heard it. Little "cooing" sounds, that sounded so different than any sound she had ever made before. I was so exciting. Then I feel asleep.

At 5am that same morning, we woke up again for her to eat. I fed her, put her back to bed, and she started the sounds again. I thought Hubby was sleeping. But suddenly I hear him say, "Oh my God, she's talking." I said, "I KNOW!!!". I thought it was so funny that we both noticed the exact day that the sounds started. We're not obsessed, I swear.

4. She plays! And she has 2 favorite toys. I used to think it was crazy when mama's would say "Oh, it's her favorite." Really? How do you know that? Did she tell you? But it's true. Her face lights up when she plays with certain things. And by "plays" I mean swats at when I jingle them by her face, and hit a rattling ball around on a blanket. Such fun!

5. Ha, look at this face. Mama, why are you making so much noise at me? I just don't feel like smiling.

6. Look at that headband. I never thought I'd be a headband mom. But I never knew my girl would look so stinkin' cute in headbands!

7. She is so content. Even more than before, because she interests herself in everything around her and is just so peaceful while doing it. Thank you, Jesus!

8. She got even cuter. It's true.

9. Her hair is still light, and her eyes are so blue!! Prettiest little thing. Oh, and she has a dimple. On her right cheek. I will photograph the dimple, but it's like a shooting star. By the time you see it, it's gone again! As soon as it comes out to play, I'll get that little bugger. i love dimples!

10. She weighs 11 pounds 14 ounces! YAY BREAST MILK!

11. I couldn't end on ten. Too even. I like random. Who is dying because eleven is not only odd, but prime? Hubby? You still alive out there?

Anywho, we started sign language! I took 2 years of sign language in high school, and am fascinated by the physicality and expressiveness that in ASL. Being a very visual person, it's such a natural language for me to learn and use. We are learning "milk" and "thank you". I'll update you on when the first sign appears. I'll most likely pass out.

Love and Smiles,

DR Mama


  1. it killed me that you stopped on 11!! 13 would have been worse (only because 11 has two ones!) I appreciate your hubby's aversion to the prime and odd!!

  2. hahaha you're too funny. I actually think he is a bit fascinated by prime numbers..I'll have to consult and get back to