Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hubby Turns the Big 2-5

Hey Rei, we certainly talk a lot about Daddy on here, don't we.

Yeah, we do mom.

Why do you think that is, baby?

Um..cause he's our favorite? Oh! And cause he gives us Super Kisses?

Yes, those are good reasons Reilly. Why else, do you think?

Hm...cause he dances with us in the kitchen to my favorite country radio station.
And cause he always video tapes me cause he loves me so much.
And cause he cares about what heiny cream we use. (I really appreciate that one, Daddio. And so does my bum.)
And cause he plays with me in the early morning and at night so you can get extra sleep, mama.

And cause he always listens to all our stories. Even though he doesn't really know what I'm saying yet.

That's true, Rei.

Oh! And cause he makes us coffee every morning. I have coffee flavored breast milk, but Daddy still kinda made it.
Very interesting thought, Reilly.

And he makes us laugh. I laugh on the inside still, but one day you'll hear it!

We can't wait, sweet pea!

And cause he works so hard. So that we can stay home and play and learn together.
Yes, that's true. Isn't that so nice of him Reilly?

Yes. I think he loves us a lot mama. I'm glad we write about him a lot. And I'm glad he was born.

Love & Hubby,

Dirt Road Mama & Baby

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