Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nutella: All You Really Need

Nutella is heaven in a little tiny jar. It just is. Go out and buy some and put it on everything in your house. This includes:
which is a form of bread.
crackers. cookies.
what do you mean you don't have crepes lying around your house?.
okay not butter.
just making sure you're paying attention.
pizza dough.yes, pizza dough.
and now, a recipe:

Grab your nutella. What do you mean, what is nutella? How have you lived this long and NOT had nutella? [Husband hates when I say things like this. Such as "HOW have you not seen that movie?! He thinks that is a useless thing to say to someone. fyi.] Anywho, it's a chocolate/hazelnut spread.

Now grab your pre-made, already in a circle, already cooked, packaged pizza dough.

Don't make your own. Just don't. Why go through all of that nonsense.

Slice into triangles. Spread nutella goodness.

Rinse and repeat. Kidding about the rinse.

Top with semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Add toppings of your choice. I had coconut and walnuts. I would have done bananas, had I any bananas.

Pop into 450 oven, until all melty and delish. It's very scientific.


Love & Chocolate,

DR mama


  1. Made an awesome coffee cake (not like a coffee crumb cake, but a coffee infused cake) once, and this (along w/ honey), acted as the icing. Love it!