Thursday, July 8, 2010

When You Are a Mama...

You can do anything in the name of your child.

Like save them from wild beasts.
Like ants.I did it the other day. Reilly is okay, no need to panic.

Or, breastfeed everywhere. And anywhere. Like on lakefront beaches in front of hundreds of people.

But not without my ultra-chic breastfeeding shawl...

Interesting picture, I know.

Everyone is in the lake. Brother stayed out to hang in the shade with me and Reilly.
Me: This is so funny.
Brother: What?
Me: You'd think I would be uncomfortable in front of so many people, but I'm not at all!!
Brother: Huh. You know, I kind of am.

Those little froggy legs hanging out from my shawl are baby's. I want to nibble on them.

Despite his supposed discomfort with the most natural act on the earth (well, the second most natural act...), Brother still stayed and kept us company!

He must really love his sister. Yes, that's it...

Or maybe he loves his niecey...

Nah, it's totally me.

1 comment:

  1. And Rei lovesss her uncle matt :)
    Love the pics sis!
    <3 aunt melissa