Wednesday, April 11, 2012


 This little chick is just BURSTING.  With personality, with love, with kindness, with energy, with affection.

She makes me laugh literally every second.  When we are in the car she says, "Mama, dance?" and she will sit in the back and practice her dance moves and faces in the mirror.

 This is her newest face.  If I tell her that we're having chicken for dinner, she'll turn her face like this, look at me out of the corner of her eye and say, "Chicken aaaandddd PASTA?!"  She wants pasta with every meal, and knows that this face is her best bet of accomplishing her goal of 24/7 pasta with grated Pecorino.

 When we go food shopping, she talks about every item she sees.  She points to people and yells, "MAMA, WHO'S-AT?",  which makes for some awkward moments.  Then she'll see something she likes, and yell "Oh, number 8, YAY!" (Don't ask me why she would get excited by the number 8, but it happened.) Or she'll yell "New special balloons, YAY!"

Yesterday, I was holding Reagan when she was crying, and Reilly came over and hugged her and said "Reagan Kate, wassa matter??"  She is just hands down hilarious these days. (These moments allow me to put past me the moments that she throws her fork in order to let us know she's done with her meal.)  I truly love this age, it is so fun and exciting.

And it makes me so curious as to what personality is waiting inside this little girl...