Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring 2012 Fashion Preview

Reilly, here.

I've come to give you my favorite trend for the upcoming season!

Are you ready?


Here is me modeling neon, I was going for "classic adorable".

The best thing about these bright colors, are that you can pair them with almost anything!  Here you'll see my striped pink shirt with my zebra printed pants.  And it works!

Well, Mommy and I think it works.  And that's all that matters.

 Here I am being "excited".

 And here, I'm being "casual".  Like my shoes?  My Aunt Mimi got them for me.  She keeps me and Mama up to date on the latest styles.  This outfit is great, because it's comfy enough for a trip to the park, yet stylish enough for a lunch with the girls.

My girls are Reagan and Mama, in case you were wondering.

Here I am being "thoughtful".  I think I nailed this one, don't you?

Well there's my tip for Spring and Summer - wear bright colors, wear them proudly, mix and match them.  It's all about pulling it off with confidence, that's what Mommy tells me and Rae Rae.

And cute chubby cheeks don't hurt either.

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