Friday, April 6, 2012

Little Sisters

 Sisters, at just about 1 month old.

Reilly, June 2010

 Reagan, April 2012

(Reilly's mouth still looks like that every night. I sneak in and look at her because her little sleeping face makes me melt.)

 Reilly with Mama's favorite paintbrush, 2010

 Reagan with (still) Mama's favorite paintbrush, 2012

I knew that I wanted to take the paintbrush picture with Reagan, as I did with Reilly.  But what I didn't know, is that they were exactly the same age in the picture.  And what I also didn't know, is that I also took identical pictures of their smushy sleeping cheeks during the same photo session.  My little beauties. <3


  1. I never saw that photo of Reilly sleeping before, but it's funny, her lil cousin Lucie looks just like that when she sleeps! Lucie is ALL Reggio... except for the red hair.

  2. My heart has completely melted. counting the minutes till i hold them. love you