Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Our Eventful Day With Elmo!

 One month ago today, was a very eventful day.  We had been looking forward to it for quite some time!  We were going to see Elmo at Sesame Street Live.  And Reilly had no idea what fun was in store for her!!
We got her decked out in her Elmo gear, and brought her to a huge arena, the likes of which she had never seen before.  It was all very exciting! 

 I was 9 months pregnant and feeling ready to pop.  I was DYING to go see Elmo with her, and was very happy when I made it, and didn't go into labor before the big day.  It was 4 weeks before my due date, but I still had a fear that I would miss it, since I felt so very pregnant.

 Daddy was decked out in his Elmo shirt - he was adorable.

 When it started, Reilly just stared in complete awe and wonder.  She didn't speak for at least the first 10 minutes.  She covered her little eyes when they told her to, and counted to three to "imagine".  It was so so precious.

 I have to admit, maybe it was the pregnancy hormones, but I got teary when they counted down and all the characters came out.  I was so so excited for our baby girl to experience such fun!  I couldn't wait to see her reaction.

 Mima and Poppy treated us to such a fun day.  She lasted the whole time, and didn't get fussy or whiny at all.  Even by the end, when the whole place was practically buzzing with toddler tears and breakdowns, she was having a great time sitting in our laps and dancing around.

 Oh, and eating her goldfish crackers of course!  As we left Elmo, I commented in passing on what a gorgeous day it was.  And what a beautiful day it would be to go into labor.  We all chuckled, as I make these comments often in my ninth month.

When we got home, the strangest thing happened.  Every one of us fell asleep. 
Every. Single. One of us.  Reilly went down for a deliberate nap, as did Poppy.  And it's never abnormal for Daddy to doze on weekend.  However, my mom and I rarely nap (my mom much more rarely than I).  And we ESPECIALLY don't nap when we are with each other - wasting our time together with sleeping!  But we, as if against our will, both fell asleep while relaxing in in the living room.  And what a blessing this was.  Because in my camera, the very next picture after this one...

...is this one.

We had no idea what a very eventful day it would turn out to be.  One that we all would certainly always remember. :)

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