Tuesday, April 17, 2012


 We had such a fun and accomplishing vacation with Daddy!  We had relaxing days, family days, and working days where we got things done around the house that have been on our lists for oh...about six weeks. ;)

The only thing we didn't do was catch up on sleep, because Reagan is still a little peanut and needs nourishment quite often.  Sometimes she'll be scutching like she's hungry, and then we pick her up and she just quiets down and stares at you with her big eyes.  She loves being snuggled!  But that's okay by us, because she is just so snuggly.  Take the other day, when she moseyed over to this pillow to take a nap.

Reilly just couldn't help but snuggle her!

My little snuggle muffins!  In the mornings now, if Reilly wakes up before 7 am, I bring her in my bed and say, "You want to snuggle in Mommy bed?" and she says "Yeah. Snuggle. Cozy, cozy." (Cozy cozy means covering her with blankets).

Love these faces.

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