Thursday, April 5, 2012

One Month Baby!

 Our sweet little baby Reagan is one month old!  She is just the sweetest little angel bean to have around.  She brings our family so much joy - especially Reilly.  She can never go to bed without her kiss and huggie from Reagan.  Their friendship is already so adorable.  From how Reilly shares with her, sings "Rock-a-Baby" when she cries, and wants to "show" her everything she does.

 Girlfriend has growing so much!  We are so proud of what a little champ eater she is.  She is quite the little breastfeeder, which I am so thankful for.  Coming soon (most likely next week) will be her first bottle of breastmilk!  So excited to see how she does, and for Daddy to be able to have special feeding time. Preferably at 2:30 am.  ;)

Speaking of 2:30am, that was the only feeding that babygirl got up for last night!!  She woke up at aroun 2:00, and then not again until 5:30!  Mama was so proud, and HAPPY, and RESTED!  Let's keep it up girlfriend!  We have had some tough nights this week, but I am now fully convinced that it's because her favorite sleeping blanket was in the wash.  As a last-ditch effort for sleep, I had hubby run down to the dryer to get the "magic blanket" before we went to sleep.  Low and behold...sleep has come!

Magic blanket fun fact: it was the only blanket that Reilly slept with at night too.  Sweet sissy twins!

Babygirl is so easygoing.  I'm not sure if it's her disposition, or if she just has no choice but to go with our flow as Reilly and I go spinning and dancing and running around her.  She just watches and goes along with us, and growls every so often.  She rarely cries, mostly grunts like her big sister did.  But she certainly knows how to let us know when she is not happy, which is pretty much anytime she is on her belly.  She cries, and lifts her whole body up off the floor!  It's hysterical, she lifts her whole head and neck up, as well as her legs, balancing on only her torso as she tries to flip on her back.  Tummy time is often sneaked in while she's sleeping now. :)

She has such dark features, and looks like such the opposite of Reilly!  Dark eyes, dark hair, dark skin.  My little brown eyed beauty!

She is started to focus so well!  She can follow your finger or a toy going back and forth, and is opening her beautiful eyes more often.

She loves to be held and snuggled, and will calm down instantly when she is picked up.  I love that even if she is hungry, she is still calmed just by being near my body before she is even eating.

She has the softest little cheekies!  They are so smooth and chunky, you just want to squeeze em!

(Getting tired of my photo shoot!)

She LOVES getting her hair shampooed!  Which is great, since she has so much of it.  My little Princess Jasmine with her shiny black hair!

She is a hiccup-er! Just like her Mama.  She never got hiccups in the womb, but pretty much hiccups after every single feeding!  At night, Daddy gets up with her and rocks/burps her after every feeding because he doesn't like her suffering with her little hiccups.  And plus, we can't sleep through them. So someone might as well be cuddling the little peanut.
You are such a beautiful little muffin, Reagan Kate.  You are so easygoing, and such wonderful and tolerant sister to all of Reilly's silly (and loud) shenanigans.  You never mind her smothering "huggies", just as she never minds your crying.  As soon as you start to cry, Reilly says "Mommy, pick up Reagan?".  She is so protective and loving, which I hope continues forever.  Just wait till you start opening those pretty eyes more, you will start laughing so hard at your funny sister.  You are such a blessing, sweet baby Rae. You are teaching us all about gentleness and patience as we watch your sweet disposition, and thank God for you.

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