Monday, April 2, 2012

Snore. Snooze. Zzzz.

We are all pretty tired around here.  I have been getting up with baby for every feeding since she is exclusively breastfed, and has not had a bottle yet.  Hubby keeps encouraging me to pump so he can help me out, but I have issues.  I'll admit it.  I need to wait until she's a little older before she has a bottle of my milk.  There, I said it.

Hubby is imitating Rea's little hilarious pose in the photo above.  She's funny with the positions she sleeps in sometimes.  Arm over her eyes - just like in the womb!  But we really are all tired.  Well, except Reilly.  She sleeps 12 hours and gets a nap.  Lucky chick.

But Hubby has been getting up every so often to either change her, or rock her after I've fed her and changed her and burped her and she is still noisy because she has hiccups.  That seemingly specific situation happens more than you would think.  So he gets up because there is an unspoken conversation that occurs that goes something like this:
"Why is she still making noise?  Didn't you just feed her?"
to which my silence and inability to move an inch under the covers answers:
"Yes, for an hour. Then I got pooped on. Then I burped her which playing Draw Something. Just like I did 2 hours ago."
"Oh, okay.  Well maybe she'll stop?"
"Maybe. Let's see."

(Still makes noise - not crying, mind you - just newborn grunty noises)

"Okay, she's not stopping. I'll get up and rock her since you have only slept in 120 minutes increments for the majority of the past 3 weeks."
"Okay, thanks honey.  My sanity thanks you as well."

And there is a snippet of our unspoken conversation that occurs in my brain at least once an evening.  I wonder if it happens in Hubby's brain as well?  Most likely not.  He most likely will think I'm crazy.

Crazy? Maybe.
Sleep deprived?  Definitely.

But this time is precious, I stand firmly by that.  The first weeks.  You don't get them back.  Ask someone who's children are grown.  They would return to the sleep deprivation in exchange for having these days back, I know this.  I don't forget this.  I complain in jest, because mostly, these days that are separated by sleepless nights..are sweet and fleeting. 

And powered by multiple cups of coffee.


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