Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hilarious Easter Photoshoot

 Here was a speedy attempt at getting an Easter photo.

FYI:  The best pictures will be taken at 5:00 pm on the living room floor after dinner when everyone needs a bath.  When you are least expecting to get nice faces.  Never will they happen on Easter when everyone's pretty.  Just clarifying that, for new mommies. :)

That being said, check out the progression of these pictures.  I didn't even realize how funny they were as I was taking them.

Check out Reagan's face. She is not happy about being posed.

Reilly is engaged, Reagan is getting increasingly pissed that Reilly is touching her.

 Reilly, being the sweet sister she is, decided a kiss would be appropriate.  Reagan, as you may recall, wants nothing to do with physical interaction of any kind.  So she squealed.

Reilly became quite upset, and did not want the camera catching such a moment on film.

I just love how they interact.  :)  At least we have record of there cutie little outfits!

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