Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April Showers Bring May Babies

I think I'll call this the Baby Shower of Creativity.

Seriously, everything was so thoughtful, unique, and creative from the gifts, to all of the little details that my girls put together for me and Baby R. It really made me feel so loved, and unbelievably blessed. Which is just a wonderful way to feel.

This was actually my second shower; since half of my family and friends are on Long Island where I grew up, and Brett family is here, the planners thought it would be better to have separate ones so no one has to travel. It worked out so beautifully! Here is a little peek at the fun:

Teeny little clothes. This has got to be the thing that makes me melt the most. These may look like boy clothes, but they in fact are not. The hunting onesie could easily be feminized with the right khaki skirt and Ugg boot combination. And a Yankee fan is a Yankee fan is a Yankee fan. No gender specificity needed. Now I just have to win the Yankee/Red Sox fan argument with the hubby, and we'll be golden.

Creativity at it's girls that threw the shower for me made a CD for our drive to the hospital. The drive is an hour, and they know me, and know that the hour will be one of an anxious heart and a racing mind. And possibly some pain, but hopefully minimal. So they filled this CD with songs of inspiration to get me through that hour, and pump us up for the big moment. I have no idea what kind of magic is on this CD, but all I know is I am FORBIDDEN to listen to it until I go into labor, and that my Mama was almost crying when they gave it to me. She knows something. I'm very excited for this drive now. Which, I believe, was their intention. :)

You know Mama's a lush when she gets a nice Champagne for her shower. But man, am I pumped for that bottle! I have no shame.

Who knew that this magic existed? Lullaby versions of classic Coldplay songs. I'm already playing it for Baby in the womb. We are loving it.

Scarlett is eyeing my loot. How precious is she?

Hubby's cousin made me an elephant cake!! I have an obsession with elephants, that is inexplicable really. But oh, do I love them. They are the most adorable animals in my opinion. And don't get me started on the way the Mama's care for their young. But anywho, how precious is this cake? Man is she talented.

Belly measuring! Such a fun game. I just love my belly, so a game involving it made me smile.

My girls also had little cards that had "New Mommy Advice", where everyone gave me some words of wisdom. And they bought be thank you notes, and had everyone address their envelopes already! Which is a dream come true.

To add to the love, two of my girlfriends who I haven't seen in way too long, traveled to come to the shower!! One came from Rhode Island, one from Boston. They came just for one night, to celebrate our Baby R. Seeing them made me remember why girlfriends are a necessity of life. And how the good ones will be there till the end, no matter what. Speaking of which, Sex and the City 2 comes out on the DAY my baby is due. Let's reflect.

Thank you to my girls for loving me. And to everyone who came and celebrated. I hope you know how much I love ya back.

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