Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh Sweet Mysteries of Life

I am here today to share with you the secret to a healthy, glorious, carefree pregnancy. Or maybe just a healthy, glorious, carefree smoothie. Hey, I don't have all the answers, work with me here.

In all honestly, I started making these smoothies with my friend V, and we became addicted. We really just made them up, changing things as we went, and this has become a staple to my life as I am bearing child. I can't really fathom how something can taste so good without added sugar...or ice cream...or butter. But it does. Oh, but it does.

Anywho, Step 1. Take a banana. Gracefully rip the banana from the hand. Yes, that is the name of a bunch of bananas. And I think it is a sorely underused phrase.

Peel the banana, place it on a napkin/paper towel/paper plate, and place in the freezer for at LEAST 1 hour. If you want to throw one in the night before, and just leave her in there, that's probably best. I almost always have a banana freezing it's buns off next to my stock of chicken soup. The frozen banana is the secret to the smoothie's happiness. When the banana has been frozen for a bit, break it in half, and throw it in a blender.

Next, grab your Wal Mart brand frozen fruit. I like frozen mixed berries, or frozen strawberries. The key is No Sugar Added. We going for health and wellness here, we're trying to nourish little babies. This brand of berries is great because the bag is resealable! I love resealable. Now grab a small handful of berries, and throw those in the blender.

At this point, you could add other frozen fruits as well if you wish. This is my basic that I have every day, but if I have grapes or blueberries or other fruits that have started to get "not so deliciously fresh" in the fridge, I'll bag em up, freeze em, and use em in smoothieville.

Here we are, ready for lift off. Well, almost. One more key ingredient.

Delish. My favorite. 100% Cran is where it's at. You can really use any juice you have. Orange works nice, Cran Raspberry, Cran Pom, Cran Grape. Can you tell I'm a fan of the Cran. Ocean Spray is simply my life, I can't help it. But with the juice, JUST ADD A SPLASH. Trust me. It's keep to the consistency. Just a little pour, then we start a blendin. On the "low" if you have a choice between low and high, on a nice even medium setting.

The blender will usually stop blending and look something like this. THE SMOOTHIE IS NOT COMPLETE. You will notice there are still little bits of fruit. At this point, pour in some more juice. And give it a little stir with a wooden spoon, so the juice goes to the blade. Continue blending.

And then she gets quite beautiful. You'll know The Smoothie is finished by the appearance of this little swirl. It will always happen. And it will bring you joy.

Now grab your most expensive wine glass, since you are pregnant and suffering from Withdrawl from the Joy that is Sipping from a Wineglass, and fill er up.
You really don't need to be pregnancy to enjoy this smoothie, I'm sorry I keep inflicting my neurosis on you all.

The secret to the smoothie to me, is the lack of ice. Since all the fruit is frozen, and the juice added is minimal, the smoothie has no added water that will melt. The consistency is icy and thick and glorious the entire time you are sipping! If you follow these directions, you should need that wooden spoon the help get some of the smoothie from the blender, due to the thickness.

Enjoy your fruit servings for the day! And may your belly smile. And the babies in them too.


  1. Kate, I just took photos of one of my smoothies to write about! I completely agree with you, frozen fruit rather than ice is key!

  2. I looooove smoothies! I used to make them all the time. I used to put things that were good for me that I didn't like alone in them. Like beets (um, gross) or spinach (which i only like with cheese--totally unhealthy, but no cheese in the smoothie so it is healthy)! I couldn't even taste these little additions, but they were in there helping my little baby! It's totally worth a try (just don't put too many beets or you will taste their gross muddy flavor, haha). - Tricia :)

  3. Tara, that's so funny that you did the same thing! Smoothie's are just so photograph-able! :)

    Tricia - that's so crazy!! I'm a very psychological eater...I think I would convince myself that I could only taste spinach and not be able to drink it. lol