Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where's Daddy?

So we had a doctor appointment, in which he told me that I could "go any day" now. Which made Hubby and I look at each other with wide eyes and huge smiles. We were not expecting this statement. But it gave us a little kick in the bum!

So last night, we put closet doors on Baby's closet. And by "we" I obviously mean the Husband, and I sat on the bed in a mountain of pillows and painted. For some reason, the closet in this room never had doors. But now, look how pretty!

Now these doors may look finished to you. But they are not. There is something still to be assembled. But where??

What is that I see under there? I think there is a Hubby in the closet!

Husband suddenly said "Be right back." And closed himself in the closet. I couldn't imagine why this needed to be done in order to install closet doors, but I don't ask questions, I just paint.

Then I hear this.
Him: Honey? Can you slide the directions under the door?
Me: Oh no, you're really gunna make me bend?
**[Bending is very painful when baby is contracting. Which is now all the time. Thank you for not judging me. The end.]
Him: No, just slide it over with your foot under the doors.
Me: Oh, okay.

...5 minutes later...

Him: There is very poor lighting in here.
Me: That's because you're in a closet, honey.

...5 more minutes later...

Him: There's not much room in here. I'm very cramped.
Me: That's cause you're in a closet, honey.

Then I decided I was curious and wanted to see what he was building in there.
I asked. And he explained. I wish I could tell you. But I rarely understand these things. But it was something constructive.

Reading his instructions. Please note the tiny tiny tiny freaking adorable clothes. On tiny hangers. I will provide a closet & nursery tour in the coming week. I'm very excited. Everything is tiny.

With his masterpiece after the work was done. Didn't he do great??

Insight into Hubby's soul: He likes building and doing manly things that require a lot of tools. The more tools the better. If he has to go out to the Home Depot & buy a new tool, better still.

Insight into my soul: I encourage this behavior because things get done. Lots of things. I told him I didn't really mind when those closet doors got done, I just wanted to see his self esteem get a little boost when he was all finished! He didn't believe me. Maybe because I've been saying the phrase "closet doors" in different capacities every day for a week. As if the baby could not be adequately prepared for it's life here on Earth without those doors installed. So Baby, we're ready now. I know you've been waiting on those doors, but rest easy, they are in!

Three cheers for Daddy! Baby and I love you.

dirt road mama

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  1. What would babies do without there daddies??? Cute story tootsie belle! xo mama