Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This Should Be Mandatory

So there's this little place called Woodloch. To most people, it is a family vacation resort, golf community, and destination spa in the mountains. But not to me. To me, it is where my family has vacationed and made our most precious memories for the past 15 years. It is where I fell in love with the country, and realized I wanted to one day live surrounded by evergreens. It is where I met the love of my life at the age of 15. It is where he proposed to me on stage in from of hundreds of people. It is where we both work over the summers, reliving the memories of when we first met. It is the first place to sell my paintings in their gift shops.

So, as you may imagine, I was quite excited when the opportunity arose for me to take my baby-to-be to The Lodge at Woodloch, their destination spa! My baby obviously had to start it's life making glorious Woodloch memories, as Mama and Daddy have.
Funny thing, though, about going to a spa when you are a week shy of 9 months pregnant. There are lots of things that people are very nervous for you to do. For example...hot tubs, steam rooms, pools. So naturally, I shuffled/waddled around in my robe, drank ridiculously delicious teas, sipped cucumber water, took photographs, read my book, and basically loved life.

My wonderful girlfriends and I had the most relaxing day. Since we went on a Monday, we only saw about 3 other human beings the entire time. We had it all to ourselves - just the way we liked it.

This is not even the bathroom. It is the primping room. Our tour woman really called it that. It was glorious. See the little pyramid of towels there on the counter? Those were everywhere, and seeing as a went to the bathroom every 12 minutes, I used on every time I washed my hands and then threw it in a cute little wicker basket under the counter. But my favorite part, was that 12 minutes later when I returned to the bathroom, the little towel was replaced. It was back. It reappeared. And I never saw anyone replacing them! It was quite mystical. I imagine the tiny-rolled-towel-replacement-worker was quite peeved yesterday at the darn pregnant girl who peed every 5 minutes and kept messing up the pyramids. But just so he/she knows...I noticed your diligence and precision. Can we get this person a raise?!
And onto things that impress normal people, not just the Weird and the Pregnant. This waterfall. Oh my heaven. Couldn't you just stare at it all day? Well due to the temperature of the hot tub, that pretty much all I was able to do, but I promise that's enough! Imagine how much I would have loved it if I could actually go in?

It is a hot tube with 2 levels. This is a picture of the girls in the top level, under the massaging waterfall. Trust me, we are not normally such synchronized and reserved ladies. This is them in their natural state of excitement..

I believe this is where Vanessa said, "Oh my gawd, I love it hea!"
She's from Boston. I'll cry if she ever loses her accent.

The towels were arranged this way on giant rocks around the pool area. As if they were waiting there for us. Why am I so fascinated by towel details.

This is me and baby in our favorite shirt, in the changing area. There are like 20 rooms, just for changing, with showers with river rock floors. Again, still separate from the actual bathrooms. [Hi Baby!]

View to one of the sitting areas, with a fireplace and overlooking the lake.

Enjoying our teas and granola and fruits. Why is everything so much better when wearing a spa robe and sandals?

So I have babbled for this long without even mentioning the actually treatment! We all got the Reflexology treatments, which my pregnant shuffling feet just loved. When I went into the treatment room, the woman said to me "So some people feel that Reflexology is not safe for pregnant women. But I disagree, I had it done every week of both my pregnancies." I pondered this. How could a foot rub be bad for pregnancy?? I would think an ancient Chinese pregnant woman invented reflexology! So then I said something to this effect out loud. And she explained that if you hit the pressure points of the ovaries and the uterus, which are behind the ankle, some say it induced contractions!

I asked her to kindly stay away from my ankles. And then I told her I'll see her in 5 weeks for an ankle rub.

Again with the magical reappearing towel formations.

Baby, how did you like your first Woodloch experience? I can't wait till you can see where Mama and Daddy fell in love.

I will absolutely be returning to the Lodge as soon as possible. Preferably when I can participate in hot tub waterfalls and Eucalyptus Steam Rooms. And maybe some wine. Doesn't wine and spa go really well together?


  1. Beautiful post, beautiful daughter. FYI...the spa does not permit ALCOHOL!!! There's one very large downfall for our gatherings!! xo mama

  2. Actually the spa does allow alcohol. The spa has a full bar. Guests are welcome to order drinks throughout their stay.

  3. We are so glad that you enjoyed the spa, and we are so happy for your impending arrival! Best wishes for a happy healthy delivery, and we hope to see you in the near future!
    ~The Staff at The Lodge at Woodloch