Monday, April 26, 2010

Random Monday Musings

1. I found out that Baby Love is head down, and facing back, which is so exciting to me. It makes me feel like Baby is so ready to go, just like we are! Not only that, but naturally Baby is also already quite the genius. I mean, it just knows exactly how it is supposed to be laying in there? Genius, I tell you. So Baby, whenever you are ready to come out, we are ready to meet you! Just wait and listen for God to tell you when. And don't be scared, Daddy and I will be there to hold you.

2. I put together our bouncer last night. I'm in love with it. It reminds me of a Baby Spa vacation. I can't explain why. Something about the colors, and the fact that it plays nature sounds, and womb sounds, and vibrates. I think Baby will love it too.

I took this picture of my hand in the river right after we got engaged. I don't know why I love it so much, but it just reminds me of summer.

Whenever I think of my new little baby, I think of this picture. I think it's their eyes. This is my baby cousin Jenna. Who is no longer a baby, but I think I'll always think of her like this. She was at her 2 week Doctor appointment, and I was there at the same time to get my vaccinations for college. The irony made me laugh at the time.
And that pretty lady is my Mama, and Jenna Benna's Godmama. When I look at this picture, I can't stop staring at it. And then I ache to meet my baby.

I love Disney World. This was my hubby's 21st birthday, in Disney. It's funny to me to think that this was our first trip to Disney together, it feels like it was yesterday, I was 19, and Hubby didn't even have an obsession with Sam Adams yet. This was a month before he proposed to me. So much has changed since then! In conclusion, I love Disney World. I warned you that this post was random.

Sometimes I want to go back to Rhode Island, to Thayer Street, at the drop of a hat, just to go here. As it is, Hubby and I went all the way to Vermont last May to go to the headquarters! He likes saying that I made him drive 7 hours for an ice cream cone. Tee hee.
Ben, Jerry: I love thee. The end.

But one more thing. This picture makes me laugh out loud. And let me tell you why.
This is Mama and aforementioned Goddaughter Jenna in the stroller. She and I went to the city for the day with Aunt Judi (Jenna's Mama) and Taylor (Jenna's sissy). We were on the subway. Judi is a city-walking pro...and Mama hates the subway. And I love my Mama.

This picture speaks volumes about my Mama. Notice a few things that make me laugh:
1. Her stance. Ready to run, attack, protect her young.
2. Her grip on the pole/her purse/the stroller. Nothing will tear her from any of these objects. Nothing, I tell you.
3. Her face. I don't know who she was looking at, but she was threatening them with her eyes. Death and destruction. Compare this picture with the warmth and love of the earlier photo, and few would know it's the same person.

And people will wonder why I will say: Why yes, Baby is going to the city
for the first time. He/she is 6 weeks old. No I'm not nervous. Mima will be there.

Happy Monday!
dirt road Mama

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  1. Wonderful memories...and excitement for future memories. xo mama