Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Joys of Waiting

How did waiting get such a negative reputation? Waiting for the bus stop. Waiting in line. Waiting for the other show to drop. Waiting always seems dreaded, like a punishment. But not this kind of waiting. This waiting, this 9 months of waiting, is pure happiness. Waiting is anticipation. Waiting is active preparation. Waiting is joy. I know that every day we wait, every day of the last 33 weeks and the 7 weeks to come, are days of a miracle that we won't get back. Our baby will never be inside me again, kicking my belly, listening to our voices, rocked by every step I take, nourished by everything I eat. Even the ice cream. And of course we are highly anticipating the arrival of our little one, and we some days we can't stand the thought of a few more weeks of the "not knowing". But I know this time is special. This time that I'm learning what it's like to be a Mama, while our baby is growing more each minute.

Even the term they assign to the waiting is whimsical...nesting! Like a little Mama bird building her perfect warm nest for her little chicks until they hatch. Today I feel content to be waiting a little bit longer. Probably because my house is clean, and I'm caught up on my laundry. I feel happy with my tiny little healthy baby. If you talked to me a few months ago, I would not have been painting such a glorious picture of pregnancy...but that's another story for another time. A story entitled "Five Months of Morning Sickness". And maybe in a few weeks, I'll laugh at my view of waiting, on one of those days that my belly feels so stretched I can't even sit upright. But today...waiting is joyful. And I never want to forget the day I loved the waiting.

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