Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pregnancy is.

Pregnancy is always being aware of, in touch with, and concentrating on the health of your own body.
Yet it is not selfish.

Pregnancy is emotional.
Yet it is not for the weak-minded.

Pregnancy is a miracle.
Yet it does not always feel magical.

Pregnancy is natural and instinctual.
Yet it is not easy.

Pregnancy makes you strong.
Yet it makes you feel fragile.

Pregnancy is energizing and exhilarating.
Yet exhausting and draining at the same time.

Pregnancy is an individually unique experience.
Yet it is one of the most common among women since the beginning of time.

Pregnancy makes you feel wise.
Yet it makes you feel inadequately prepared.

Pregnancy fills you with a love you have never experienced before.
That is, until you have experienced the love of motherhood.


  1. Love this!!! And agree 100%!!

  2. Thank you! My feelings on pregnancy change from day to day, haha, so I felt the need to share :)